You can’t shield from the storm

You can­not shield from the storm to gain in­ner stand­ing

Should you shield the canyons from the wind­storms, you would never see the true beauty of their carv­ings.

Elis­a­beth Kub­bler-Ross

Step-free from judg­ing and deny­ing your ex­pe­ri­ence. Call upon your Higher Self to carry you through in­tense feel­ings that ac­com­pany pro­found growth. Turn your trans­for­ma­tion over to Spirit.


To me, this is part of my trans­for­ma­tion.Turn­ing it over to Spirit and call­ing upon my Higher Self to as­sist me. Be­ing chal­lenged a lot dur­ing my life­time through phys­i­cal is­sues, I al­ways wanted to learn. About any al­ter­na­tive way as it has been de­scribed for such a long time. Every method that I came across which was dif­fer­ent from the med­ical in­dus­try since I started my jour­ney, was la­beled as al­ter­na­tive, holis­tic at one point. That was when East met West med­i­cine ways. When we started learn­ing again how the con­nec­tion with en­ergy and na­ture pro­vides us with every med­ica­tion we need. May it be through plants and flow­ers, crys­tals, food, and most of all through en­ergy.

When you have an open mind, the will to ac­cept even the un­seen world or the en­ergy mat­ter which is not that easy to be un­der­stood, is pro­vid­ing me with more depth of life ex­pe­ri­ences. The will to learn as much as pos­si­ble about the health is­sues and how this re­lates to our emo­tional as well as men­tal well-be­ing. I learned about how we are more than the sum of dif­fer­ent parts through the holis­tic vi­sion. I love to ex­plore and ex­pand my knowl­edge through ex­pe­ri­enc­ing. Div­ing into the world of con­scious and sub-con­science aware­ness. Luck­ily I was­n’t the only one that was cu­ri­ous how this sys­tem of us, we call hu­man body, is re­act­ing to dif­fer­ent re­sponses to­wards my­self. It also taught me to learn to ac­cept my chal­lenges. Which was and still is of great im­por­tance for me to keep or at least find my bal­ance. Emo­tion­ally as well as phys­i­cally. Be­ing high-sen­si­tive cre­ates its own chal­lenges as well.

Every day, I am chal­lenged how to deal with ex­pec­ta­tions, emo­tions, phys­i­cal abil­ity, men­tal is­sues. What I came to re­al­ize along the way, is how all these dif­fer­ent el­e­ments are cre­at­ing a whole. Each part is con­nected, re­flect­ing, com­mu­ni­cat­ing with each other on all these dif­fer­ent lev­els. Mul­ti­task­ing as well mul­ti­di­men­sional are we be­ing hu­man. I learned to trust on that part of me that has a big­ger un­der­stand­ing and higher per­spec­tive or over view. In the mo­ments I am able to be quiet dur­ing these in­ner storms or tur­moil, there I have ac­cess to a deeper un­der­stand­ing. It al­lows me to take a step back, or step aside. This in­ner voice, the truth, my deep­est self, my soul. Many names, yet they all mean the same and fol­low the same rule.

Truth is like a big tree. The more you take care of it, the more fruits it will bear – ac­cord­ing to Gandhi. So, the at­ten­tion I pay to my in­ner world, the stronger will be my re­la­tion­ship with it. That makes sense to me. For where my love is, there also will be my en­ergy. And by this en­ergy this lit­tle magic seed within grows and with it my trust in my in­ner knowl­edge. En­abling me to bring in more and more lov­ing en­ergy, in every area that needs to be taken care of. It also taught me to find my in­ner core deep within my own tree of Life. I learned to trust this in­ner voice as well as my body and its re­sponses to cer­tain ex­pe­ri­ences. I also learned to un­der­stand the chal­lenges in the dif­fer­ent stages of my life and the root causes.

With this un­der­stand­ing my in­ner strength also grows, as one of the many fruits of my ow Tree of Life.

Love and com­pas­sion are also fruits and en­abling me to al­low and ac­cept the ex­pe­ri­ences I am go­ing through. My in­ner fruits are grow­ing more and more when I pay at­ten­tion with the lov­ing en­ergy and my re­la­tion­ship with my­self through it. Ac­tu­ally this I find the biggest trea­sure, the lov­ing en­ergy to­wards my­self. Not in an ego­is­tic way as peo­ple might per­ceive. It brings me joy and plea­sure to be me, it pro­vides me with con­fi­dence and wor­thi­ness. It also cre­ates space to en­counter any chal­lenge in­stead of shield­ing from it. I can see the beauty in my scarves, for they rep­re­sent the en­durance as well the in­ner growth they brought me.

To me, this is a ba­sic un­der­stand­ing of fol­low­ing my in­ner voice to bring truth as well as peace in con­nec­tion with my higher self, my soul. Fol­low­ing this lov­ing flow of en­ergy cre­ates life within me. It as­sists me to let the fruits of my Tree of Life grow and come to full fruition. So my Tree of Life is go­ing to be a mag­nif­i­cent abun­dant and stand­ing on fer­tile ground with her roots deeply grounded in this phys­i­cal plane, my hu­man body and be­ing in co-re­la­tion­ship with every other form of En­ergy of Love.

And so it will Be

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