Death and Magic

Listening to the wind blazing outside I am trying to find the inner silence.
Within my heart to hear the words to come forth in order to be expressed.
My sense of belonging as well not being in the here and now
Are in a constant flux and in charge of my mindset as well emotions.
What is it that wants to come to the forth and needs to be addressed
Other than the words that came to my attention just now.

Death and Magic as if they come together as partners of Life,
As aspects of what we experience in these moments we let go.
Every time we let go of the old ways, of old patterns,
We die a little, letting go of the self as we know it.
When we are tuned in with the flow of Love and Life,
These moments present themselves in a natural way.
We learn to be more and more aware of the shifts and changes
In our consciousness and awareness of the way we create our life.
In every Now moment we are the creator of the way we perceive,
patterns and challenges or experiences that are on our path.
So how is death connected with magic, in our own life as well
In the lives of those we love and have to let go at one point.
For me it’s in the way it is all connected through our experiences
As well with all there is we have felt along the way.
In the moments of shifts or changes there are these peeks of awareness,
which enable us to see something new or maybe something unexpected.
Consider your life a magical gift and your experience of it a beautiful opportunity
to leave the world a better place.
You give that gift back when death comes and ends your time on this plane.
Experiences, relationships, projects, and even long-cherished dreams
are all subject to the natural laws of death.
Now is the time for you to let certain parts of your life die
and recognize this process as something to celebrate as well as to mourn.
Let go with love and gratitude. Leave your fears behind.
For in death, there is great magic as nothing can ever be truly destroyed.
From the ashes of the old, a new life and new dreams will come to be.
Be willing to be empty a new world will be born for you.
This is the gift of the Divine for you when you surrender your resistance
and allow things to be as they are.
We live through in the hearts of our loved ones as we hold them
Close to our heart in our memories, our thoughts, our smiles
As well our tears, where through the shimmering sometimes
A rainbow appears in the blink of an eye.
And so it will be

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Rhea Dopmeijer

Heartfelt Messages
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