How important is it to reset your belief system?

Listening as well reading up a lot of messages these past months about the shifts and changes we are going through as humanity one thing struck me the most. The way our belief system is holding its grasp on us. Now this is not new to me, since I have been working with this for the past 40 years or so. At least on a conscious level that is. Starting my training as a spiritual healer and shaman working with the elements, the healing of plants and flowers as well working with energy. Now that last one, was something that needed to shift my perception, as well the belief system I grew up with. Being raised in the Catholic Church, I was also raised with the belief in Arch Angels, Mother Mary, Jesus and a lot of saints.


Being taught in the way of a loving God, being the best you can be and also be in service of others if they need your help. I have to give my parents a lot of credit for that as well. Because there was a lot of freedom and loving care in the way they not only taught us the principles. They were my role models in the way they were giving form to their beliefs. So you could say, I was already raised outside of the norm. My parents were liberated and thought the way to be practical in your day to day actions, was part of believing in God. Raised within the Catholic Church I grew up with the Latin service as well the rituals that were performed.

My belief system was colored so to speak. Yet always curious how others were experiencing their belief I went to other churches as well. Growing up I wanted to learn more about the differences between the world religions, like the way of the Hindu Buddhism. Along the way my belief system changed as well. It became even more apparent to me, there are a lot of ways that lead to God, what ever name you are used to give the Source of All. To learn and connect with the common factor of each religion I came across was of importance to me. Not wanted to being put in some kind of box, either this or that.

When I started my training as spiritual healer shifted my belief system even more. To be able to feel and sense what kind of energy field we hold around ourselves, as well others, created a new way of awareness. This was an important reset for me. The way I was familiar with, as well getting to know more about the conscious awareness. For me pieces of a puzzle fell into place within. I loved to learn more and more about the way it all is connected. Our own being, the physical, mental, emotional body as well the etheric one. Being raised with Arch Angels and Angels, for me it wasn’t such a big step to get acquainted with the different energy layers.

In that period of time, the way spirituality was perceived, was part of a new age movement. It changed a lot in the western world for sure. East was meeting West so to speak. Like The Beatles when they went to India to meet up with Bhagwan Osho, inspiring a lot of young teenagers who were big fans. It also changed the music world. The way our society changed with it along the way, was part of a big reset in belief systems as well. Not just religion shifted in perception, the medical world did as well because of the knowledge that was spread in such a big scale. It became more and more a norm to believe in the connection nature has with every living being. As did the medicine world was using more and more the knowledge about the healing potency of plants and flowers.

In co-creation with the way this new knowledge made his entry, it demanded a reset in the mindset of so many people. To create a platform, to enable this to flourish and become more and more a standard as well. Why is this important? Life is a constant changing concept. With all the modern technology and the use of the media, people were connected all over the world with each other. In order to co-exist shifts in perception were in order. Not to everyone’s liking, we all know the way how the old regime wants to hold on to their belief system. Learning from each other also required respect. Instead of condemning someone for their beliefs, it is necessary to have an open mind.

Yet even more importantly, an open heart is necessary to be able to see the other, individual or society. That may require to reset your own belief system about the way you may perceive the world. Or religions, or rituals, or spiritual connections. But most of all, I learned how important it is to be ready and able to reset your own belief system. In order to grow, to be able to release and let go of the ones that aren’t held in love. To me the common ground with every one I meet or whatever religion I encounter is Love. Love for life, respect and love for every living being. Either human or the animal world, plants and rivers, seas, oceans, mountains and valleys. It is all part of our world, as we are all connected with each and every aspect of it.

For me to live in a world, micro and macro, it is of great importance to be ready and willing to reset any belief system, which is not functioning for my own highest good. It all starts within, in my own being, my own belief system about myself. Not just for me, this is the common ground for everyone to build a healthy and happy life. Knowing yourself, loving yourself, have respect for yourself, self-worth is something that is not accepted in a lot of societies where duality is the way to emphasize the disbalance.

Where power is being abused in the name of God, to sustain a false kind of worthiness. Respect is to be earned, not by force and fear. The importance of this reset of belief systems, is a world wide process. We can only live in harmony when this has been reset in love and light. Every movement that calls for change of authority, is a reset of belief on a grand scale. This is how the world around us will change again, through the growing consciousness around the world in people. Because conscious awareness creates always a reset in old belief systems that no longer serve their purpose. People want to live in harmony with each other. Every soul wants to be loved and connected with the world around.

And so it will be done

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