How to create a win-win situation?

How to create a win-win situation or relation for that matter. This came to mind after the news we hear, the messages that are coming to us. Even if we look at our own microsystem, our own relationships. Micro-Macro, they mirror each other. Our society is a mirror reflection of all the energy we as a community put into it.

We can see all the differences being played out in a negative way. There only should be a winner, mentality. Duality is formed by this negative energy. Not being able to see the way we all are connected. How every action is causing a reaction. So if we take a closer look, at ourselves as well. How many times are you happy and pleased by the outcome after a discussion?

Even if we take a closer look at ourselves, how much effort are we willing to bring in to come to a win-win outcome. In every war, we can only speak of losing. There will never be a win-win outcome. The power struggles are always about ruling over someone else, other countries, other businesses, and other governments. Even within every household. As long as there is no equality, and no caring for each other, there will be disbalance.

Watching the news it is clear we are nowhere near the balance of creating a win-win situation. Just looking at the news of our own parlement, the way people treat each other. There is no respect for differences, there is only pointing fingers at those who might have made mistakes along the way. Forgetting the responsibility they also had during the whole journey.
If everyone was taking their own responsibility, there would be room for dialogue, instead of discussions. There are also hidden agendas from those who are speaking up the loudest most of the time. To change the attention away from their own actions. We have a saying over here, how louder someone speaks up to address an issue, is usually the one who is debit to what happened.
So, all you can do is take a good look at your own way of expressing yourself. Are you trying to make a point only to win the discussion, Or are you able to start a dialogue? It takes a whole different perspective and awareness to be able to create a conversation where both parties are equal and accepted.

This requires some self-reflection. That will be the only way to change the outcome of any conflict, either internal or external. Inner balance and self-worth are the pillars to create a safe platform. These are the tools of self-love. The only way we can create a balanced relationship with each other is through love. It holds a safe space to be all that you want to be. The best version of yourself.
It is also mirrored through the relationships you have. Room to grow and expand to work out inner issues are depending on it. We all are connected through every choice we make along the way. Action causes a reaction, so make sure you want it to be a positive one. Treat each other the way you want to be treated as the saying goes. It will bring you a long way.

Every individual action has a ripple effect. You will never know how significant it may be in the long run. The differences will show up in our personal lives for sure. Together we can create a world where there will be room for our differences. They are complementary as well if they focus on them comes from nonjudgment and acceptance.

We all can be part of creating a world, small or big, where love is the master key within every relationship, on every level. In loving connection with each other, we make a difference.

And so it will be done.

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