A new trip down memory lane

These past few days my heart and mind wandered back 6 years ago. We as a family were in a demanding situation at the time. We learned as a family, that we had to deal with the upcoming transition of my beloved, their father, and grandfather. We consciously made the decision to move out of our home, to move into a new home. We chose to move into a wonderful apartment which was presented to us, as a Gods gift.

With all that was happening, every choice we made at that moment in time, was proving to us how trust and faith work. With that I mean, take a step, not knowing the outcome and no forcing whatever outcome it would be. It presented us during this process as a wonderous and magical guideline. Everything that happened was in our favor. Not only did we got the consent to react to a rental home, the first we chose, was this apartment we moved into. This was in January 2016. We received the key on February 2nd.

Because we both were not able to assist, our children got the support of family and friends. All working together to speed things up, so my beloved would be able to not only move into this new home. It also gifted us with the knowing that when push comes to shuffle, all our relatives were pulling together. To make this happen, to renovate, to paint, to lay the flooring as well to move in all the furniture. Everything was installed by everyone who lended a hand and put in place. In total of twenty people, they created our home for us in 4 days time. Love can move mountains for sure.

This enabled the both of us, to move in and come home in our new apartment. Because we did came home. All the love and effort that was put into this expedition, was tangible in every room and space. Up to this day, I am still so grateful for what they pulled off. It was challenging for them for sure, yet everybody was committed. So, 6 years ago, our journey started again, creating new memories in this new sanctuary for the both of us. Six stores high up, with a grand view, watching the trees, the birds, listening to the sounds of the wind and waking up with that beautiful presence.

It still fills me with so much gratitude, even though we didn´t had much time together. We created our home, we gave it our soul, we lived our love for the next six weeks. So happy this apartment created the freedom at the beginning for my beloved to move through in his wheelchair. Exploring and taking it all in. It also was reassuring for him as well. To know this would be my home after his departure. Taking each day as it came, we were able to go through the process of acceptance the inevitable.

How different is my life in comparison with that time six years ago. Learning to be on my own for the first time in my life. Going through all the phases of grieve. Not just grieving of my beloved, who completed me. Also grieve about all the distinct roles I have played in my lifetime which no longer are present. I still am a mother and grandmother. Yet I no longer am in a loving relationship with a partner in the conventional way. Our relationship never ended; it did change in form. It also proved how love will always be the key between two souls.

Memories keep flooding in these days. Such an important milestone in our life. It showed how strong we were to be able to manage this experience. It took all our energy, each in our own way, as well together. To be as clear and transparent as we could be. Not taking anything for granted. Enjoying the beautiful moments together. Creating our new memories in this new home. To give it our soul energy and essence into it. Still feeling his presence wherever I am in this apartment. This was the gift of love that presented itself to us.

Feeling a bit nostalgic as well these days. Memories are precious, especially when they are filled with love. I came a long way since February 4, 2016. Still creating new memories, which also include him. As long as I am alive, so will my beloved be. Through our memories, coming to life, as well brought into my awareness. The messages I receive, by watching the birds, or the Heron standing beneath the waterline. They all bring in their significant message connected with my beloved. His way of telling me he is still around, watching over me.

Looking forward how my future will enfold itself. The key I hold in my hands. The love and the will to bring in the best of me. To be the best of me. To be all that I Am, guided as ever. Trusting and having faith in my guidance. Trusting my inner nudges, my intuition, my knowingness. Whenever I have a question, I ask for support. So far, it has always been given freely and abundantly. My life will enfold itself, in ways I can not foresee. Nor do I want to. Today is the most important day of my life.

In loving connection with each other, heart to heart connected always.

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Rhea Dopmeijer

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