What is it about Integrity?

There has been a time when humanity was able to communicate through telepathy. Which made it more difficult to hide how your state of mind and heart were. So, it would be detected right away within a community, either a family setting or in a broader sense. There was also support and willingness to assist each other when there was a need for it. In any way, it was a loving and supporting energy.

Somehow through the ages of time, we lost that ability. Although there are many who are still able to do so. Nowadays it will be called clairvoyance and is considered as paranormal activity. When you are highly sensitive, or an empath, it is also an ability that feels close to home. Being able to sense the energy within a room, encountering a person, will resonate in a different way. So where does integrity comes in?

When we define integrity, it is about being honest and upright. The way we stand for our truth, the inner knowing as well. Being responsible or taking responsibility for our own actions as well. So when we are being asked to take a stand or speak up our truth, it will be demanding at times. It is also about values and norms we are taught, through our community, family, and society.

It also requires a lot of self-confidence, knowing oneself, as well self-worth and self-love. To be able to go through life, holding on to our values, about equality between people. In general, not just about gender, or race. When we consider each other as equals, it doesn’t mean we are alike, or the same. Yet we respect our birthright for every human being.

When you are able to read between the lines, so to speak, listen to the words that have been spoken. Or the actions that may contradict them. You don’t have to be clairvoyant to be able to notice the differences. If you pay attention to the underlying message through energy, you can perceive the messages in a different manner.

Messages spoken with love, compassion, and understanding, have always truth and integrity within. Those that appeal to our fears, not. Truthfulness and integrity go hand in hand in a safe environment. Whether this is within your own family, as well within your community, your culture, and your country. The culture you grow up in will show a lot of discrepancies if you look with attention.
So, how you want to deal with it, how important being truthful to yourself is, will define your own integrity as well. It all starts within if you want to change. Being honest and truthful with yourself will create a different perception as well outcome. The way you act and react to whatever comes your way, during your journey we call life. We all have the tools, to choose, to change.

In a society where we all can share with honesty and respect, integrity will be such a greater part of creating a safe space. For everyone to be able to be part of a community, where respect will be a crucial part of the way we will treat each other. There is room for vulnerability, to be confident, and to be who you want to be. Not being judged, for there is no need to do so.

You do have the ability, to be honest, and sincere. We all do. It is up to us, to make a decision. Which way do we want to live together as a part of our community? Either big or small. How do we want to raise our children? Yet more importantly, how can we serve to enable each other, to feel safe and worthy? With love and care, we can share our love with each other.

In loving connection with each other, we are able to create a society where honesty and integrity are the pillars of a thriving community. In every layer of our life. Together we can make a difference if we are willing to communicate. I am because we are. Therefore I choose to be as loving and compassionate as I can be.

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Rhea Dopmeijer

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