You will awaken to all of it
Waking up with this line in my head of a song I know, I realize it is a message I receive from the other
side. Or maybe I should say from my Higher Self, Who has the overview of any type of situation I have
found myself in. Sometimes it is hard to define. I know it when the songs are coming from my beloved in
the songs I hear over the radio. Yet I have been receiving many confirming messages over a longer
period of time already. Mostly a couple of lines out of a song, not always in my sleep, at times also
during the daytime when I am walking outside with the dog. When the surroundings are not too noisy and
I am pondering my thoughts as well situation I am currently finding myself in.


It has been a guideline for many years and one I trust without questioning. I know this connection by
heart and soul. Through all my learning about my spirituality and what is drawing me, it has always been
part of my journey. Over the past almost 40 years consciously, for the most part since I started working
and learning with energy, healing, spirituality, divine connection as we call life in its purest form. It took
me a while to learn to interpret the signs and signals I got over the years. It started at first with music,
parts of a song, repeatedly in the early wake up moments. As If to make sure I wouldn’t forget them and
know what the specific lines were that held the message.


It was like you get a cherry on your cake because it would always set the mood for the day ahead. As
did it make something clear as well the more I learned to understand the correlation. Yet if I was
receiving other messages, they didn’t come in my native language. They are presented to me in English.
Asking questions to my Higher Self always came with answers in the English language. More
importantly, writing them down, always was in perfect flawless English. Like I knew how to write and what
to write. Listening isn’t a right explanation to it. More like following the words and sentences without
knowing which direction it would go. Like now. I got this one liner as a message and it initiates a
message or blog, whatever name you want to give to it.
What I do know, it is always in sync with my current situation. It assists me to create clarity, yet in a
deeper level to be told then I would normally write or speak up. The information is coming from a source
within, not so much from the outside. At least that is how I perceive it. It combines at times my knowledge
I have been building over the years, working as a social worker or therapist. Yet it always will connect
other layers as well. The perceptive is not just from the ground up, there is a direct line top down so to
speak as well simultaneously. I was told my Higher Self had an oversee that expanded more than just
my life or this lifetime.
It also connected me with my inner core and being. My knowing came from this place as well. Being an
empath I am also familiar with the interactions between emotions and psyche as well the effects it has on
our physical and mental awareness of perception. It took me a while to learn how to tune in whenever I
was asked to, as well to close myself off to feel everything from everyone around me. It also brought me
more understanding and knowledge for my own health issues and physical needs. Whenever I needed
clarification I would get information from a source through music or dreams. They always held the
necessary knowledge for me to understand what to do or where to go. I have put it to the test, because I
am not a standard believer. I am more like the apostle Simon, the unbeliever who needed prove.
During all the experiences which I had there was this inner line, this connection with a part of me that
held a safe space for me. That is how I perceive it. Even when the going gets tough. Actually specially
when the going gets tough, there is this connection as a guide to assist me. All I have to do is listen and
pay attention. It helps I have been doing this for a long time already. Even when my body seemed to fall
apart and all the walls tumbled down. As tired or fatigued I was, the song lyrics and music was always
present. In times I couldn’t write, the lyrics still were coming either in a song on the radio, or a phrase
someone would mention. I truly believe we all have this inner compass and connection with this
overseeing part of ourselves.
Like the song this morning as a reassuring it will be working out okay, I will receive all the knowledge I
need to proceed with my life. Walking this journey now on my own, I have to find a new way how to give
shape to my life. Yet still there are these nudges and lyrics in the songs that connect me with my
beloved, letting me know he is watching me, guarding me, loving me. Every message I have received
over the years were always to be considered truthfully because of the love within the words. Key element
in these messages is Love unconditionally for me, to assist me and guide me through the rougher parts. I
ask my High Self to be part of me as in being my Eagle vision, to oversee what I cannot see just in front
of me. To show me the bigger picture, so I can draw the lines between the dots.
It never failed me, nor let it me down in any way or shape. All it requires is, to quiet my mind, be alert,
and receptive. Aware to the messages that peek my interest, as well direct attention. But most of all
those, that are walking in my dream world, in the early minutes before I wake up in the morning , or for
that matter in the middle of the night as well. Paying attention to what pops up and needs to be heard.
Grateful for this inner sense of awareness because it has been of great assistance over the years. I have
put it to the test in the beginning through writing only to realize this was the perfect way to me to rely on
the messages, that wrote themselves so to speak. Without any interference by language, just the energy
and truth in them, in combination with a never ending Love.
And so it will be done.
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Rhea Dopmeijer

Heartfelt Messages
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