Hands and Health, a significant connection

Hands and Health combined in a topic to bring in some clarity about the significant connection between the both of them. We are holding so much energy in our hands, using this for comforting, soothing, calming, healing as well. You know, when you were a little kid and you feel, your mother automatically was striking your hair, sweeping the tears from your face, feeling the sore spot. We all do this instinctively. The first impulse when someone is hurt in any way, we feel the need to hold them, stroke their back in comfort, or just putting your hands on their head, in a wonderful healing intention. Mostly unconscious, for others more conscious.


Hands and healing are connected when you practice Reiki for instance, or another form of bringing in energy to spots that are been bruised, wounded even from a distance. We know all the pictures, where energy comes out from the hands sending love and healing energy. We do it with our kids and pets. It is soothing as well to caress them for your own benefit. This is a way of connecting from the heart, enabling the loving energy, or life flow. So what happens when your hands are wounded, through an accident or surgery? How will this affect the natural way of flowing energy. In our hands we also have little chakras, and when they get blocked it also has its effect on our own inner flow of life energy.

Through reflexology I have learned to find the points that represent our organs in your feet and hands as well. So any scarf in your hand will also be correlated with the  connecting organ or your back. Depending where the wound is. So how does this has its imprint on your health. What is the impact and how can we deal with it. I discovered in my 20ies the way I was able to put my hand on a painful area to make it feel better. During my training years becoming a reflexology therapist as well working with energy as a spiritual healer I learned to channel it as well. To be able to let the energy, or Ki, flow felt natural for me. Others could feel the warmth coming from my hands and the change within their injuries.

I remember giving a friend a foot-reflex treatment. Afterwards using my hands, without touching him, to bring down the energy from his knees down. He was silent for a while. Then he told me, this energy moving had more effect on him. Compared to the treatment I had been given. It took less time, had more effect on him and for me it was effortlessly. The only thing I needed to do, is to enable the energy to flow freely through my hands. Confident it would do whatever was needed at that moment in order to establish balance and healing. This was what he felt. It was an eye opener for me at that time. Although I had been training for years to give energy healing sessions with the use of my hands. This was such a huge confirmation.

During my life I have been in many different situations and experienced the need to give or share this energy healing. Yet not everyone I met was open to the suggestion it might benefit their health on so many levels. I knew I couldn’t share this without consent. People needed to be willing to accept this kind of healing. This was more a personal issue as to the healing effect this would have on them. I only was allowed to use this energy work when I was being asked, or got confirmation it was okay. That didn’t meant I couldn’t send my love and prayers to those in pain or wounded emotionally. Yet it is a different story to give someone a healing session without approval.

The greatest reward I received was the way my late husband responded on my hands and the energy it could give. He was in a lot of pain caused by a massive tumor on his lever and every time he got a wave of pain he would ask me to place my hands on this area. It always released a lot his pain at that time. I was grateful I was allowed to be of assistance on an energetic way as well. Love is a powerful tool when applied during a session and it can move mountains as well. Did I cure the cancer and tumor, no. Did it comforted and released a lot of the acute pain at the moment I placed my hands on the spot to allow the universal energy to come through. O yes it did and more than just that. It also enabled me to participate in his journey to the end. It is not about sharing my energy through these moments, it was always asking to be a tool, a channel. So I could let the flow of Universal energy of Love and Light work its own healing for whatever was needed at that moment.

Healing by hands is as old as the world. Many shamans and healers are known all over the world. Before the internet this was already known by so many cultures all over our planet. Gradually the knowledge came from the East at first to the more western world with a different look at health and healing. I am happy I got to learn and be trained in my 20ies already, to work with universal energy. I learned to be an open channel to allow this life energy come through in order to assist the healing process. Grateful for the way it taught me to take a step back so to speak. To enable and allow the process. Without personal interference for the outcome. In a loving and respectful way.

And so it is.

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