Do what it takes that needs to be done
When your world is in a major change and shift internally, all you can do what it takes to be done. Using
the triggers as tools to know what it is that still needs to be addressed. Even though it might seem to you
it is all cleared and healed, forgiven even. At times there is still something showing up unexpectedly. So
what do you do? Like the spiral all is embedded to pick up the stones along the way. Those bricks and
rocks you stumble over in the beginning. Making you angry and blaming the stone for being there,
blocking your way. Our first internal reaction is almost coming from this place. It is your fault, or if you
hadn’t done that, I didn’t do this. It takes courage at times just to stop for a sec and check out what it is
you were blocked by.


Life as a spiral, where every experience you ever had in a way it caused emotional or physical wounds,
mental wounds as well, is like a pathway covered with stones. Some are big, other are small. Some are
colorful, other are dark and grey. The colorful ones are those that will radiate and brighten up your path
and are never in the way. Yet the grey and dark ones, the hard ones, the irregular shaped ones, those
are the ones that can block your pathway. They will do so if you don’t pay attention, other than to blame
it for blocking your way. Actually, every time you will ignore the rock or stone that needed your attention,
the next time around on your spiral. There it is, only this time even bigger , like it has grown. Sticking out
even more to get your attention.


If you do what it takes to be done, you take a long hard look at it. You try to discover the truth in it, the
way it speaks to you. If all possible try to listen to see what it is that needed to be addressed. Is it anger
or hurt, is it lack of self-respect and or self- love. Does it symbolize your lack of worth or fear for
aggression? Every stone or brick you see stands for an experience you rather would forget most of the
time. Ignoring doesn’t make it go away. In fact it makes it grow thicker and harder to get through. Yet you
want to follow your path on the spiral without being blocked all the time. So you pick it up and figure out
what it represents. If possible you acknowledge the energy that is hidden within the stone. If you
understand the message presented by the block, it depends on you what you are going to do with it. Are
you putting it back on the path.. or are you trying to bring in the necessary energy to color it.
For me, it is important not to ignore the signs. Even the most subtle ones, because this is part of the
whole spectrum. As are the stones and bricks or rocks on the spiral path. You can find the most different
colors as well shapes and sizes. The brighter they shine, the less effort they cost to see what it has in
store. The ones who are colored in all the different varieties nature came up with on this plane, they are
all connected from within with a place of love and understanding. The dark spots sometimes resonates
the experiences that were part of the challenge. Yet there are also the darker brightly shining stones,
because each has its own meaning in your life time experience. The dark without the light in it are those
that are needing to be accepted and allowed. Because they hold the gift for you.
Each stone represents something for you. All that needs to be in balance, or needs healing and release.
All parts need to be held in a safe space before you are able to even take a closer look within. Safe
place is something you can create within yourself. Yet if you are depending on others to feel a sense of
safety, without your own safe place, it’s likely you are feeling lost. Depending on others without self-love
and self-worth caused by messages you have internalized. So what do you do? Are you taking up the
challenge you are creating for yourself. There is always this point in time, you do what needs to be done,
to know you are worth it. The moment you can let go of blaming, not just being a victim of circumstances.
The moment you are taking a deep breath and decide to let go of the stuck energy that holds you back.
When you can see the red cord in all these experiences witch connect all the experiences. From youth
up to now, or maybe even before this lifetime.
The core issue you are remembering in all the layers when you take time to do the field work. Every time
you are walking up or in the next round of the spiral, and stumble on a little stone. Pick it up, check it out,
let go of what still needs to be addressed in a loving way. Each time you achieve healing or release what
has been kept inside the rocks and stones along your path way, your tread will be lighter. You learn to
trust on the change that comes with it. You learn to see and recognize the issues that are hiding within
each one of them. So it is easier to do what you need to do when things are getting easier to learn
although the hidden energy may still hold parts or aspects of the initial cause. Allow yourself to take time
and even a pause when emotions are erupting from a deeper place within.
You can only do so much as you can do. Yet do what it is that needs to be done. You are your own
healer, you are your own magister of your transformation. Healing, cleansing and releasing every stuck
energy to bring it out in the open and own it, shower it with love. The gift is inside the dark and grey
stones to bring you harmony and balance. So do what you need to do to embrace the gifts as well the
cleansing and clearing that occurs through it.
And so it will be done.
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Rhea Dopmeijer

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