What is about being indifferent?

Lying in bed last night I was thinking about topics to shed some light on. Like the way people sometimes can treat each other without any sign of compassion, or kindness. Being totally indifferently towards the other human companion. Nor affected by gender, race, age they will walk by everyone. See mingly being no part of this world, because they show no affection. They are acting as if they don’t even care about the welfare for those who are wounded or injured by violence. I guess this topic doesn’t show up just by coincidence. It is something we have a hard time dealing with. The lack of response of someone else in tough situations.

Yet what lies underneath that exterior on indifferently? Is it a numbness of emotions, apathetic behavior caused by trauma? It feels against our human nature to have no feelings or empathy in any way, shape or form. We are a social creature, the human. We love to hang out with our loved onescelebrate with family every occasion we have the opportunity to do so. We love the little ones, the kids who are in need of our care. Yet this isn’t a giving always. We have seen this a lot where kids were being abused and tormented by their parents, of other adults. No sign of compassion or consideration. (more…)

War zones are also great obstacles to conquer when it comes to natural behavior. People are always living in fear, no one is safe, not the old and not the young. Not the women nor the men. There is this lack of any kind of emotion when it comes to the most damaging wounds, emotional, physical and mental. The way people seem to have lost their connection with their emotional world. The brutality that is unleashed the moment this connection is lost. No regards to what they inflict on others, the pain they cause and the sorrow that comes with it. It has been puzzling me, and no doubt a whole lot of people to find some kind of understanding.

Is it part of a survival mode? Like the homeless seem to lose their connection with the outside world, as does the outside world lose the connection with those who live on the outside of our vision. We can walk past toddlers, without any care or protection. Past people who are seniors and have no facilities to shelter them, take care of them and have any kind of support they need. It is culture that brings people to shut down somehow, when there is no respect or any kind of responsibility towards each other.

Am I my brothers keeper? We know this phrase all to well. We are afraid to get hurt along the way when we get involved with the outcast of our society. Stepping up against the tyranny or brutality of officials, governments takes a lot of courage. The more people show they care, the safer it feels as well, even when this is an illusion. What makes the difference, for us to care for each other, our neighbor for instance. Taking care of those who get sick or unable to take care of them selves any longer? We all share the same birthright, to be loved and respected. No one excluded. We all have the same rights on living a life in health, good fortune and education.

I am not talking about intelligence, as being smart or quick on your feet with thinking. I am talking about the emotional IQ. We all have the capacity to care for another other than our selves. At least, in an idealistic world, we would have. How can we change our own attitude towards the indifferent acts across our beautiful planet? To make sure in our own surroundings nobody is an outcast, and has a right on good food, healthcare and a home. Just a safe place to belong. The indifferent actions can only be tackled when we take up the responsibility to do something, Don’t accept the way you might shred your back when the situation asks you to stand up against injusticelack of lovebrutality and abuse

Being indifferent towards the world also means lack of connection, lack of commitmentAll emotions are being blocked in order not to feel the pain and sorrow. It’s a survivors mode. Block everything that might bring you out of balance. That will make you feel insecure, or maybe worse, brings up emotional wounds that lies buried beneath the walls of indifference. Numbness of emotions, apathic reactions, not being touched by the actions. Or worse be part of the acts of brutality and attacks on humans. Being so numb, there is no connection any longer even with the innocence one had being born.

So most importantly, what to do if you sense your own indifference towards what is happening to other people around you. Are you able to know how to step out of this situation within your own emotional state. Or is it caused by trauma maybe that isn’t dealt with or healed even? Do you care about yourself? Because that’s where it all starts, isn’t it, within each and every one of us. Like that game of dominos. Touching one creates a momentum, which causes every stone to fall. We all need love and support. Sometimes it is about forgiveness, the ability to forgive yourself, or others who caused the trauma.

Indifference is a root that we have to weed. Humanity is suffering the most caused by indifference. We need to pay attention in our own emotional world, our thoughts and our actions. Every time we realize we act out of indifference, it is a tool that will enable you to look for its roots cause. This is a way of learning how to deal with the underlying issues. For if you live your life from a place of apathy, indifference, that’s not what Life is about. You deserve way more then that. This is your birthright, to feel what it is to be loved unconditionally. It starts with self-worth and self-love if we want to make a change.

And so it will be done.14

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