Equinox with the Harvest Moon Energy

In the Yogic tradition, the Equinox is seen as a day when one has the best possibilities of transcending the limitations and compulsions of one’s physical longings.” ~Sadhguru

A Harvest Moon happens just before the Autumn Equinox, which signals the start of a new season, and the name is linked to a lag time between moonrise and sunset at this time of year. Hence, it’s called ‘Harvest’ Moon.” The Harvest Moon also coincides with the astronomical arrival of autumn, marked by the Autumn Equinox on September 23 this year. The equinox occurs when the Sun is closest to the equator and crosses the celestial equator overhead at noon.

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Spending Time Waiting

We all know that feeling don’t we? Spending time between 2 events or waiting for departure. Meeting all kinds of people along the way. Making wonderful connections in most unexpected ways and places. While waiting doesn’t mean you have to be a passive bystander.

Watching the people that are coming and going from one place to another. Families who travel together. 3 generations spending time overseas returning back home. Toddlers and babies resting in the arms of their parents. Impatient kids who need to be moving in order to get the energy flowing.

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Hands and Health, a significant connection

Hands and Health combined in a topic to bring in some clarity about the significant connection between the both of them. We are holding so much energy in our hands, using this for comforting, soothing, calming, healing as well. You know, when you were a little kid and you feel, your mother automatically was striking your hair, sweeping the tears from your face, feeling the sore spot. We all do this instinctively. The first impulse when someone is hurt in any way, we feel the need to hold them, stroke their back in comfort, or just putting your hands on their head, in a wonderful healing intention. Mostly unconscious, for others more conscious.

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How to adapt to a new country

Psychologist Geert Hofstede wrote: “Culture is like an onion that can be peeled, layer by layer, to reveal the content.


Moving to a new country is difficult on its own. You have to deal with a lot of administrational issues, find  a source of income, find a place to stay and when the time is there you have to start packing the things that are important. Make a list on your phone with things you should not forget. That way you can add new things and always have the list nearby. Add things such as photos of friends and family and little trinkets that have personal value.

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The Watcher, looking from the inside out

When I was invited to write an article and saw the themes One was standing out immediately to me: Watch. The other one was Capable. These two seems to be connected to each other. If you are wired as an empath or high sensitive, there is a different way of looking at the world around you. The openness to the energies around you are making it a necessity to start watching the situation from the inside. It is the only way to detect and to identify which energy belongs to yourself, or is part of your surroundings. Of course, I can only talk from my own experience and point of view. Apparently I am not alone and in great company with those who are more the exception than the rule.

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In a modern society we live in nowadays mindfulness is still not fully accepted but it might be time to actually talk about this, since practise on mindfulness has proven itself to work against several mental health problems.

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is being basically paying attention on purpose. You are observing and experiencing something that is occurring without really judging. In the beginning it might seem difficult because we judge and have an opinion all the time. But that is not what is central in mindfulness.  When you get your mind to stop and relax for a moment you are experiencing that walk home instead of thinking about work, the bad weather or what you are having for dinner tonight. You respect what you experience without judging what is good or bad and are concerned with noticing what’s going on. Training and courses on mindfulness is meditating, sitting with your back straight and breathing from deep down, paying attention to abdomen. Yet you stay non-reactiave and non-judgemental. Eventually silence will emerge in your mind and bring your head to rest. Especially after a long day of work this is advised as it’s considered to contribute your well-being and mental health.

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The Universal Thread of Life

“Only when the last tree has died, and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught will we realise we cannot eat money” Cree Indian Proverb.

Wise words spoken such a long time ago, and yet it means more today than ever before. But are we listening? We continue to ignore the warnings, we do not listen to those who offer alternative ways to live. We have achieved many technological breakthroughs, yet we continue to live isolated lives, separated from ourselves and the environment around us. We continue to compete with one another to achieve great materialistic wealth and possessions which we use to try and fill a void within us that can never be filled, so we consume more resources at an alarming rate for profit without the concern for what it’s doing to the ecosystem of the planet. We still think of everything as just things, trees are used for wood, animals are used for food, land is owned, sold or purchased, water must be paid for. We then fight with one another over these resources and go to war, causing more cycles of hate, loss of life and continuing the destruction of our planet. There is no winner of this game, it will continue unless we break the cycle and change it. We must be the change we wish to see in the world, it all starts with self. If we can change ourselves the system must change with us, we can start this by informing ourselves of what the truth is.

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