Your Presence and Existence is Enough for this World and Planet

Your presence and existence is enough for this world and planet – Just Be
When I received this message through the veil the other day
I immediately felt the energy flow of love coming through.
He is my other half, my other self in other dimension
As we are in this lifetime no longer physical together.
This also is a confirmation of where he is right now,
Since he had to go through some difficult challenges
And the messages he gave over the past 3 years
Were always an indication where he was dealing with. (more…)

I could feel it in my body as well through my emotions
To connect with each other still in such a profound way.
I have been going through the motions as well
Knowing I am still connected in such a deep level
To feel and sense what is going on, even being apart
Because I could feel this every time during our life
Not being physically together didn’t stand in the way
To experience, know, sense, feel and be aware
The enormity of what took place one time in our life.
Going through all the phases even after his transition.
So every time I sensed it I was able to tune into the
Energy as well the emotions that were involved,
Colored by the experiences and the way it healed.
I cannot go forward when there are obstacles In the way,
As well the way the clearing and healing is beyond me.
So gradually the energy shifted when I connected with him
From still more earthbound emotions
and the effects It had on both of us over the years.
As long as it wasn’t resolved it would keep a hold
On my own way to move forward as well evolve.
This is like a sword, cutting both ways and we knew it
This was already set in our blueprint before we came in
This lifetime was all about faith and hope,
About healing and forgiveness, as well promises
Now hearing these words, feeling the pure love in it,
I know my love is ready and able to be all he can be
Without any more to resolve for now,
Until he will return with a different template
On the next journey through life where we will meet again.
Your presence and existence is enough for this world and planet – Just Be

And so it will be done.

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Rhea Dopmeijer

Heartfelt Messages
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