Draw the light of courage and compassion into yourself

Draw the light of courage and compassion into yourself and radiate it to others. Expand your reference points and be willing to journey into the unknown. Have the courage to take risks. See life as a sacred journey. Courage, Compassion, Respect, Peacemaker, Angelic Messenger, Space/Time Travel, New directions, Family, Interconnectedness to name a few.

This week is about the Invictus Games over here in the Netherlands, from April 17 till April 22nd. A special event that was organized as an international event by Prince Harry of Wales. Because of the covid pandemic, it couldn’t be organized in the past 2 years. So, for the organization to be able to start it again over here is a big deal. 17 countries are participating in this joint event for the military veterans and their families. Through the different sports events where the key element is not just about competing together.

What stood out for me, was the comradery between the participants, regardless of nationality. They all have so much respect for each other, as well as they will be supportive in any way they can. If any, this week showed how much we need to be part of this amazing event. They showed the world how important it is to be loved and cared for. To be supported as well supportive. How challenges are being met, no matter the outcome during the games.

Participating is even more important. To be part of this worldwide community is such healing energy. Never take it for granted how important this is. Not just for the veterans and their families. We as humans can learn so much from the way they have shown their will to accept and validate each other. Have the courage to take responsibility for your actions. Have the courage to take risks to improve and expand your life’s existence.

To create a new direction in life, if this is needed to grow and expand, even by expanding your reference points. This might mean you stepping out of your comfort zone. You don’t have to be part of this military community so to speak. Within your own community, you may have to face many challenges as well. Assisting each other during difficult times is part of this process. To lend a hand as well accept a lending hand so to speak. Taking care of each other is a daily part of your life.

What does it mean to see life as a sacred journey? How can we establish a world where every life is seen as sacred? To be shielded and protected, to be loved and taken care of. We can teach our children to treat themselves as well as others with love and self-care. To create a world where self-esteem is part of growing up and understanding. To accept every unique aspect of oneself as well. To validate and let them know they matter and are loved.

Sometimes life is challenging you through circumstances outside of your comfort zone. Looking at all those participants, not just at the Invictus Games. Also, the participants took part in the Paralympics. They are such an inspiration for each one of us. A deep respect for all the hard work and perseverance it takes to perform at such a level. Every day being challenged in their day-to-day life. It takes a lot of courage as well to fight the inner turmoil, the inner demons so to speak.

It shows how we can rise above ourselves. Life can throw you many curveballs. It is up to us what to do with them. It is an ongoing process for sure. A daily challenge to tackle. With the love and support from their loved ones as well as their fellow competitors. We are shown the major potential each of us must perform on our own highest level. It may be by taking small steps to improve the lifestyle or circumstances. Each one of us can be the peacemaker, the messenger of empowerment.

Show compassion for each other will create a different world, where all of us are the participants as well as the performers. The courage to take a stand against negative and damaging circumstances like a war. So many men and women are dealing with the horror of the cruelty every war shows. To be the ones performing at their highest level, supported, and honored shows our respect. We all need support, kindness, compassion, and respect. Do not be afraid to show your love and compassion.

And so, it will be done.

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