What is it about being whimsical?

It is defined in many different ways and has a positive as well negative sound to it regarding the way people perceive it. If you take a look at the way someone might be dancing through life with no care in the world, the word whimsical springs to mind. It is also the way people can tap into their fantasy world, or rather live in the fantasy world then the harsh 3D reality.

We see a lot of communities that feel connected to the fairy world, the fairy tale stories. There are being held conventions even to bring them together, dressed up in a way that’s different from the down to earth ways.

It also depends on the way you grow up. Supported by your parents telling stories, bringing them to life. Making the fantasy world part of your upbringing, connected with the fairy tales. The energy that lies hidden within the stories are also molding you as a child. Teaching through morale as well happy endings. (more…)

The good and the bad, the beauty and the beast. The living forests with all their inhabitants, each playing their own role. Like the way Disney was and still is able to bring this to life through their movies. Are you enjoying your whimsical aspect which brings you joy and sheer happiness.

So how come to write about being whimsical? Actually it was a challenge for myself, to find my own whimsical aspect so to speak. Being a child growing up with nature close by, playing in the forest, reading a lot, drawing imaginary friends, as well playing with my fantasy horse.

I loved the stories as well the different figures that were part of this fantasy world. The mermaids as well the fairies, ocean and forest creatures. Water and Energy so to speak, always were a big part of my imaginary world. Also the animals that spoke to my imagination, like the dragons, the whales and dolphins, the unicorns.

On the other hand I was a really tom boy. Loved to play with the guys in the streets I grew up with; playing soccer, on roller skates and outdoors a lot. These aspects didn’t go always hand in hand and were challenging at times growing up. Specially with my connection with nature and energy, it wasn’t always easy to stay my own ground.

The whimsical aspect was more a part of the feminine energy within as to the tomboy with the masculine. Both strong and present, yet to my surprise it wasn’t always accepted. The older I grew, the more the ways between girls and boys changed. Now that speaks for itself no doubt, when you reach puberty.

How to stay in tune with my whimsical aspect during these years found an outlet in my reading, as well the topics that interested me. Greek history with all the myths, the Vikings, the Native American tribes, the way the eastern countries differ from the west where I grew up.

I could dwell in my books and dream away becoming part of the lives which presented themselves. It always felt for me I lived as much in my book worlds as well my real life. They were integrated somehow and it never felt odd. Nor did I got negative comments about it.

I always got stimulated by school teachers as well my parents to read a lot of books. On different topics, so my love for History was a great outlet for my fantasy world as well.

I never felt like a butterfly, a whimsical creature, or constantly changing my mind which is also an aspect of it. In the ways my fantasy world enfolded itself, it was about the warrior aspect I could connect with.

The strong females that fought their battles against all odds. Sometimes the quiet rebels, with a feisty nature to go with. That resonated more with my own nature. Like the dragons I would spit fire when someone would be dishonest or bullying. Growing up, our childlike ways, we somehow have to let go of. Our fantasy world needs to be tuned down. Society and schools are preparing you for the reality as they perceive it.

For all those children who are gifted with a great fantasy world, still connected with the other realms, growing up can be a hard place to live in. If they are not allowed to be true to their own nature, they will close up their ability to connect with all these different energies surrounding us. Yet all the artists, musicians, dancers are gifted with this whimsical aspect.

They color our world, they address the infinite beauty through the visualization of the fantasy world. We need our own whimsical aspect to be fully understood, to be explored in order to be fully connected with all that is around us, and within us

Through this wonderful aspect we are able to create, to step out of boundaries. To expand and explore ourselves, as well produce wonderful theater, movies, music, dance. To live through the joy this brings us to be attuned with this energy of flowing love and light waves. The happiness it gives us to bring out the connection we hold with this world we live in.

To share and to show our inner world and connect with the magic it holds. Through this loving and vibrating energy we can connect with each other in a heart to heart way. Differences are fading and unity is born from the way we truly give form in a free and abundant way.

So will it Be done.

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Rhea Dopmeijer

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