Expressions of Love
What greater gift is it to see the reflection of your love for someone else reflected in their eyes, or in the actions you both share? Isn’t it just that we seek, not just to love but also Be-loved? And most of the time it seems easy. When you take a look at your grandchild playing with his grandfather and see the love and connection, you know that this love came naturally, no force, no need, nothing but existing right there and then in the Moment, in the Now, flowing and returning each other’s love, sharing unconditionally right there and then.
It is this Love we seek, loved by a child, a parent, a lover, this constant flow of unconditional Love. Accepting, allowing to be just who you are, with all your characteristics, flaws, imperfections and qualities. The same way you should look at your Self in the Mirror, seeing this unconditional Love for your Self reflected in your own eyes.


And why is this so hard at times? Why is it we seek the imperfections instead of the unconditional love for your own Be-ing, in all facets and colors, shining your true Self through your eyes into the World, most importantly your own inner World. It may feel at times easier to give your love to someone else, and harder to accept the unconditional love that comes your way. Is it about the imbalance between your ability to receive and to give, the duality that lies within yourself that enables you to share more freely outward then to give it to ourselves?
Expressing your Love for your Self has many faces. Self-Love is the most important part of your expressions. If you can love yourself freely, then you can love others as freely as well. No judgment on your part creates non-judgmental love for others as well. And it starts with You. This being the most important expression of love in your Life. Be freely who you are, express your feelings freely, don’t misunderstand vulnerability for weakness as you may have been told by others. Fear is the key in expressing your Love freely. Where there is Love there cannot exist Fear.
So express yourself with Love, connect with your inner Heart, your guide in this journey that will lead you to new expressions of Love, Self-Love in the greatest expansion you can create, being the Human integrating your highest good, Love, as your birthright. Expressing from the inside out, never failing you, and never abandoning you, nothing to fear for any longer in trusting this Guidance of Love.
And so it is.
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Rhea Dopmeijer

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