How to respond to the dualism in spiritual terms

We all realize we are living in a world where dualism plays a major part in our lives, don’t we? As we are
aware of the way dark and light are holding each other in balance, sometimes out of balance, yet we all say without dark there is no light, without cold, there is no hot, or is it just about sensations we feel with our senses? As there is a difference between being rich or poor or is it about the perspective we look at
those terms?


When do we decide we experience our lives as being poor or rich? Is it when we are wealthy and have a
lot of money to spend to buy anything we want? Or is it when we are in good health and enjoy life to the
max, not necessarily with a lot of money to spend? Being in the company of people we love and sharing
joy and laughter whenever we meet. What about the judgments that are being created over all the eons
of time as well about consciousness and ignorance, about power and humiliation, or abuse and physical
ill-treatment between men and women, manhood has created a place where dualism has been
creating a major gap caused by the way we need to treat each other or even our self for that matter.

History shows how people have been fighting against each other for a piece of land to own, for mastery
to enslave others, for power to abuse against any rights we were given at birth in the first place on this
planet. So there we are in this year 2021, and we can see all the excesses that are confronting us every
day with all the aggression against each other, all the power people are fighting for to hold on to just to
feed the greed. How people all over the world are dealing with dictatorship, slavery, bad living conditions, no schooling, poverty, and lack of health, and any kind of care.

Can we change the world on our own? Do we have to change the world on our own? We hear and see
more and more communities rise against oppression. We read more and more through the internet and
social media about people who are willing to change and create changes for others as well for the benefit
of the greater good. We see all those messages about the way energy is being part of our own physical
system and how we can learn what impact all the emotions, imbalances and psychology is also part of
the balance of our own health and physical well being.

Yet only for those who are able to read, have the ability to learn, access to books, libraries, schools and
universities, have internet connection or is this also part of the dualism, to hold the imbalance between
right and wrong in place, not able to close the gap between right and wrong so to speak? We know of
many cultures, not necessarily equipped with all the modern technologies, who are perfectly capable to
thrive in good health, wealth and are in a maybe even deeper connection with the planet we inhabit as

There is also this tendency now to still be judgmental depending on the perspective of course and thus
creating a new form of duality. People who believe they are more awakened and spiritual than others, as
they believe they are. This weird tendency within us as human beings to mirror each other and there still
must be a right or wrong, better, or less, that is being played in the field of spirituality as well as the
modern society. And no doubt in any society we come across. There is no continent in the world that is
not being affected or infected with this judgmental perception and perspective if we look at some else
and the need to put a label on them, for better or for worse…

How can we step out of this spiral of negativity as long as we perceive each other less or better even in the world of conscious awareness and spirituality when we talk about those who are awakened and those who are not, or not yet… How can we release ourselves from the old ways of perception that says
one way is better than another way, one path leads to and is the only path that leads to? to what we
might ask ourselves, don’t we? What do we really want? And what do we really need?

I got asked today how I could “let” my husband follow chemotherapy when I am so spiritual, and you
know what? It felt like we didn’t get anywhere along the line as long as people judge each other or look at
each other in a way that isn’t balanced and what scared me most was the sincerity in the eyes of the one
questioning this decision within the health care and healing department. It showed me today it isn’t about
saving souls from ignorance. It is not about the right or the wrong way. It all is about the balance we can
find within ourselves in dealing the normal issues on a daily basis with a heartfelt and loving intention
towards yourself as well to others without judging, not even our own steps we take along the way.

I truly feel that we can end the internal wars we fight within ourselves and the power games, as well as the
need to feel better than someone else when we can look at ourselves with love and compassion. Sure,
we make decisions not always the best, yet we learn from them and know we will not make that choice
the next time. Not because someone told us so. Just because we learned through our own experience and
when advice is offered in a free and compassionate way there will be no boundaries or resistance to
accepting. For that is what we as humans tend to do. We will not bow easily to authority unless it comes
from Love.

So how do we respond to dualism in the terms of spirituality? In the same way, we respond to it we do all
the time, spiritual or not. The difference we can make is making the intention to let every choice and step
we take in our encounters, relationships with others, and evenly important with ourselves from a place of love, compassion, and understanding. And before I close my argument, it all starts within. The gap
between inner and outer will be closed when we make the changes within our hearts and set our minds to
do so.

And so, it will be done.

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Rhea Dopmeijer

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