Let it be you

Let it be You

As your Earth plane readies itself for another energy surge, it is wise to remember your boundaries and self-care.  This does not mean you need to sequester yourself away from others; instead soften your surroundings and do your best to make your personal space comfortable and safe.  Do not allow societal thoughts of ‘selfishness’ cloud this process.  You cannot love and care for those around you if you are unable to do this for yourself first.  Peace and calm during tumultuous times must come from somewhere…let it be you. ~ Creator. (more…)

I was reading this article this morning and it was spot on time, because these past few weeks, it has been about boundaries. In order to set my boundaries, I always get triggered by other people who have the tendency to walk over boundaries. Just because they don’t feel their own, or haven’t been able to develop a healthy boundary asset. Usually it is about those who have been dealing with abuse in many shapes. If this takes place at an early age, it is stuck in the way how they have been treated. Learning to set boundaries is part of self-care as well. It has to do with the process of learning who you are and what feels good for you. Not by defending with harshness, which maybe the most easy way at first. Through softening of the energy, lovingly and with compassion, it will get a different kind of energy.

Now I know, all our exchanges and experiences on this earth plane, is about duality as well the play with boundaries. Some people like to have no boundaries at all, like you would drift in a big ocean. Yet even in the ocean there you will encounter boundaries, through waves, the sea life, or other ships at sea. The process of learning about boundaries has a lot to with the way you perceive yourself. To be at easy and with peace within your own surroundings, within your own space, it is necessary to be at peace with your self as well. Only through self-worth and self-love you can create this inner safe space. Triggers in any way shape or form will always be the tools to show, how and where you are not able to stay in that safe place.

It may be through life time experiences and challenges you can feel the need to give it your full attention. It may be said before that the way you can go through a storm, will be to stay in the center of it. In the eye of the storm, there you can sense the calm and peace of being able to work through without losing your bearings. I have had these experiences many times during my life, putting to the test as I feel it. If this is challenging to learn through the emotions that are being stirred, it is also the best tool ever to learn what it is that gets me out of my inner balance. During my lifetime I have walked this spiral of little and bigger triggers. Challenging as well because I am high sensitive and empath, so I sense not just my own energy as well of those around me. Specially the ones I love and are close to me.

Yet those people surrounding me in different ways, either through personal encounters or through writings and internet connections are also able to make me feel the energy behind or beneath the words, or actions. To me it is of the most importance to understand the more subtle ways it comes to me. The way I felt before or after is also a training and lesson to be learned even as a child. This comes with the ability of feeling the emotions and pain or sorrow someone tries to hide beneath a mask. Now it is up to me, to make sure I can find not only my own cause of disbalance, as well what happens during this process to make it clear. I can only work on my inner balance, not the way the other might feel. It will have a different outcome if the responses come from a place of fear, anger, sorrow instead of love and compassion.

It makes it al the more important to love myself through these experiences, instead of sabotaging me, punishing me or feel ashamed of the emotions that might come up. To me this has been my life challenge in order to bring in the balance within. When it comes with acknowledgement, acceptance, allowing as well, then the inner response will change. As will the emotions that are been triggered, because it shows the cause or root of the pain that arises. Not being understood, is one of them for instance. Not being heard or seen is another one. We all know these emotions and pain triggers when we feel insecure and not loved as well.

Putting it to the test until there exist this inner haven within, the eye within the storm so to speak. I know I can always count on that safe space within my heart. As I do know, emotions that arises don’t last, they come up and will leave as well. The key to be able to handle the rising and falling of the waves of emotion, is the way you will be able to do it with love and compassion. For yourself in the first place. Like it said in the message, you cannot take care and love some one else, if you don’t take care and love yourself. It all starts within, it all starts with me. So when put to the challenge, it is me who will need to make sure I will be able to hold it in a safe space. Not by denying what comes up, yet by accepting there is still something unresolved, that needs my attention to be healed.

Let it be you, isn’t about being lesser, or the one who needs to bow down. It is about loving yourself, taking care of yourself. If this means you have to set boundaries, then it will be so. If it means you need to distance yourself from others, then it will be so. You can still love someone, even if you are angry or upset with behavior. It comes down to the way you love yourself, in order to remain in this safe space within. Maybe at one point, the other will understand or respect because they love themselves equally and know they are worth it in the same way. Let it be you, setting boundaries out of love. Instead out of fear or anger. Let it be you, to show how love works its magic inside and out.

And so it will be.

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