Focus on your priorities

How easier said than done at times. With all the distractions around us, we tend to forget to set our focus on our own priorities. Defining our priorities is the first step. You have to know what they are before you can truly bring in your consciousness in it. Most of us are busy every day. With all the multi-tasking that the world demands of us. Losing track of times for instance being too busy to notice things around you are changing. People perceive you differently. You even may perceive yourself differently when you stop and take the time to really check out for your elf where your priorities lie.


Such a simple line, focus on your priorities. Yet such a demanding task to be truthful towards yourself. Addressing the issues that prevent you to be aware of what is most important to feel joy and be at ease within. Being at ease with yourself is priority number one. From within we will be able to deal with every attraction or diversion that gets us out of our comfort zone. If we take time to see what it is that is blocking or clouding this inner peace. That is necessary in order to define where we stand in our day to day life. It is not selfish to want to be at ease within. It is necessary to find that inner balance in order to be able to share this balance of peace and joy with the outside world.

Most importantly with the people you love the most. Taking time to reflect and look at the outcome from what they have to say about or towards you. The way they perceive you, tells a lot about them as well about yourself. It can be a wake-up call at times. Specially if you are not aware they feel this way about you being in your presence. We all want our loved ones to have joy with our company and to feel this sense of ease. Which isn’t always possible, when we are confronted with experiences that get us of guard. Like the loss of someone we love, or through the experiences of healing after surgery. Loss and pain can and are great distractions to get you out of your balance within.

Al the more important to focus on your priorities. It is not about putting on a mask in order to shield what happens within to upset your loved ones. Sometimes it is easier not to share and keep up a front. Yet does it serve your priority of inner balance of joy and harmony. There is this line what we are being told and learned, as to what works for us. Are you introvert, it might be easier to process  everything without the need to share it. Do you need to talk things through and share with others, you may be more extravert. Being the one who needs to talk in order to create some space and healing again isn’t always appreciated.

We all will have our own ways to find this point within to create balance and joy. We all have our own way of expressing what is bothering us. As we do have different ways of holding on to grudges. To express and let go, can be misunderstood and perceived differently as intended if you are not on the same page so to speak. What feels as an outlet or getting things in perspective can be perceived as negative. Not to share what is going on within can also be received as being negative and withdrawn. We all can be in the same process and yet perceive it total different ways.

It’s up to each one of us to find this way which will work and benefit. Important is the awareness about our priorities. As a parent there can be this tendency to put the well-being of the children above one self. There is this fine line when it comes to prioritizing your priorities. It all comes down to make time for yourself to sit down and check if you got your priorities straight. It may take you 30 minutes a day or longer if you need to. Yet there is no excuse really to say I don’t have time to take a look at my priorities. When we want to function the best we can be, we have to focus on our priorities every day.

Priorities might change from time to time, depending on different phases we go through in life. Being a teenager will demand different priorities compared to a parent with young kids. Every phase in our life will have its own demands. You can create new priorities whenever you want to, if it will benefit your own lifestyle. What it might take to create balance and joy again after a trauma or loss. Being positive selfish is a way of prioritizing what brings out the best of you. You have to stay focused to live a life that is healthy and balanced, because you are happy  and balanced within. You will always shine through your inner barometer.

You were born to fulfill functions that bring peace to Earth—and it begins with being at peace with yourself. The fastest and most effective way to feel peaceful is to align your actions with your beliefs. That means “walking your talk,” or only doing things that are meaningful to you. It’s important to remind yourself that taking care of yourself is also one of your primary responsibilitiesSelf-love and self-worth are priorities that needs to be addressed every time you are no longer in alignment within. Alignment with our hearts desires, what we want for ourselves as well for others. Taking time and creating those moments for yourself to focus are precious gifts, to present to yourself. Because you are worth it.

And so it is.

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