Space, It’s the Final Frontier

This word frontier as the theme of the Month was resonating, yet it wasn’t clear yet what it would bring up. It’s the final frontier was also the first phase of a television series called Star Trek. I have been watching these movies and the theme song always was deeply felt. The words are calling out to my heart and soul as well the words that come with the final frontier. It’s been a long road. To explore strange new worlds. To seek out new life and new civilizations. To boldly go where no man has gone before. I think it was appealing to a lot of people not just at the time they were released. It still is compelling to many people all around the world. It shows how we like to explore beyond the borders and boundaries as a human race. Yet if we take a closer look, it appeals to the heart and soul as well.


So many messages about being a star seed, coming from different stars and planets as origin at the moment. Talking about the origin as a soul and human and how this affects our journey on this planet when we incarnate. At least if you believe the theory of incarnation and descendants from other galaxies as well. I have felt the inner pull towards the encounters with other societies as well as different races that were demonstrated in the movies. Even knowing the movies were fictional as well, they always addressed the way how fear worked. The way we tend to interact when we don’t know something or have no knowledge about. How many times is it not the difference between people that causes more tension instead of harmony?

The lyrics of the theme song expressed it perfectly. Daring to be different, to be authentic requires faith. As well courage, because that’s what you need when you say I am not going to be holding down by anyone anymore. I will touch the sky and will see my dreams come alive. This is bold. This is a statement not many people dare to express because of all the anger and fear they encounter. Exploring our own space is as daunting as exploring space in the universe. It is also about the micro-macro process I believe, because we reflect and mirror inside and out. As well the way our society is dealing with differences will create the challenges to be dealt with.

When you dare to stand out, even being the standard of love and value, it is a paradigm in itself. Because it requires you to deal with anxiety and fear. Regardless of them, choosing to stand up. How many people are suffering caused by differences, ignorance, duality? How many people dare to stand up, by being themselves in every possible way. Sometimes provocative, sometimes just by being in a quiet and silent way. Being aware of the energy around us when we encounter people, we can sense how they feel towards us. Because we have been there before. How to deal with challenges is something each and everyone has a free choice. Some will choose from the heart, others from a place of fear.

Actually, we all have those issues to deal with as long there is this duality, the way we divide our planet. The differences are becoming opposites instead of adjusting and enhancing. Not working together, for a goal or end result, not for the highest good of all. We are a long way from a society where the win-win mindset can become the standard. Our own space, our inner space, is expanding or shrinking, depending on the experiences we are going through. Love is the common factor for benefiting the outcome for all. So, when it starts with our own inner space, we need to pay attention to where love or fear resides. Like the song says, I will see my dreams come alive at last. I will touch the sky. Because I got the faith of the heart.

Going where your heart will take you. This is challenging, isn’t it? Having faith, we can finally reach that final frontier that is holding us back from self-love and self-awareness. Knowing you got the strength of the soul, that no one is able to bend or break you any longer. Or anymore should I say. Not even yourself to hold you back any longer. Because you know you are able to follow your heart anywhere it will take you. Having faith in the journey you are on. Following the dreams that are guidelines as well reaching for the stars, just because you are worth it. Or just because you can.

I know I have had dreams about other worlds, other races as long as I can remember as a child. Drawing what I had been dreaming. Then almost shocked when I saw the same in a movie about a different galaxy. So, there are many more people who walk the earth with the same visions, dreams, and images. When I was a child, they said it is all about imagination. Well, this imagination got a way of materializing itself years later. So, when I am sensing the imaginable and what others would call fantasy, I can feel the other spaces and other races. For what it’s worth, my heart is my compass and my soul have the strength to stand tall within my own space. Cause I got the faith in the Heart.

We can go beyond the stars and we can explore the unknown. Our inner universe is a wonderful and magical world to explore. To see things or feel things in a different way can be enriching and magical. Learning how to move through the motions and learning how to steer. Bringing in new experiences and wonderful encounters when we trust our heart to be the compass. Connecting with the higher energy of love as a way of living, the reality we create on a day to day base. Our own space expanding, not in a way to hold anyone down. Daring and bold to follow our dreams the way we want to create our lives. The final frontier, maybe we haven’t reached it yet, as humanity. Yet we as a unique part of it can follow the steering of the soul towards it. Trusting our intuition, relying on our compass and loving the energy that leads us the way to a different and new world.

What if you have that inner knowing, deep in your soul, you don’t belong on this planet.  That is just doesn’t feel as home. That you are not accepting the traditional interpretations of history. The things you find yourself drawn to are part of your own soul’s history and origin. The memories about past lives we learn to trust and the way it is imprinted in your soul. When there is this natural connection with energy and other realities. Working with energy and through the intuition, learning to trust the natural way energy work feels. Being very sensitive to other people’s energies around us. All these tools that assist us in so many ways to learn about our inner space, the frontier as well. Learning through experiences, learning to identify our own inner space. So, we also are learning where we can trust our heart and passions. Space, inner as well outer, it’s the final frontier.

And so, it will be done

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