When memories pop up

Waking up this morning my mom came to mind. What was more a memory of an incident that happened
over 9 years ago? She was hit by a stroke, not able to speak, and extremely ill. I was with her while this
happened and all I could see was the fear in her eyes. Not able to move, not able to vocalize, trapped in
her body. It also was like a kind of, what would have happened if nobody had been there. This moment
in time came back in like a boomerang.


Now I know, when something springs to mind into my awareness, it is also connected to the spirit
involved. Like it does with my beloved who made his transition 4 years ago, almost 4 months before my
mom did as well. The memories that bring in emotions as well for me, also the emotions that belong to
the process where they are. Behind the veil, so to speak, the learning processes are continuing. The
layers of those healing moments are presenting themselves to me if it had its effect on me as well.

So, this morning I was building a home for someone with special needs. Like you adjust to the way you
can deal with your physical limitations or your emotional ones. The house was bright and light, taking
care of all that was needed to give the person the ability for self-care, independence, and with that pride
as well. We all can relate to it at times, some more than others. By creating this house, it also brought in
memories of times where the process of the physical needed special care. The way this worked in my
dream was like creating space and love.

Who will know what he needs in time? We do not always know which way our life will expand or just the
opposite. How to deal with limitations that were being dealt with after illness. What way to go about your
daily life when it has its limits in energy. When getting out of bed, going down the stairs, making a cup of
tea was enough to be so tired, all I could do is lie down again. How this little room became my safe
haven. How I learned to adjust to enjoy the small steps and be grateful for them.

How to deal with aggression towards my children as well. The lioness that wakes up to protect them
against harm. The memories about a period in our lives that was hard to endure. Yet through it all, it also
brought us back together as a family. The 4 of us, working so hard to move on and forward. Healing
through mindfulness as well as communicating with each other. How important that was to understand what
had happened and how we could move on and forward.

These memories over the past few days were bringing in the energy as well of those days. So how
happy I felt this morning while building a home for anyone in need of a safe space, a home to call their
own. Even the way it could adapt to the emotional needs as well the physical imperfections. A roof over
your head we sometimes take for granted. Blessed are we who can call their house our home. For so
many are not having this safe space to live in. Are we not all responsible for those who are less

It brought up the memories of my youth, the way I always connected with those less fortunate. The need
I felt to protect, to make sure they had an ally. The way I felt when I saw situations where someone was
outnumbered and bullied. Stepping in those situations, without fear for my own safety. Just because it
needed to level the playfield. Sometimes without the need to say something, just being present. The
way even kids or young adults would join to bully and suppress someone of their own age always baffled

What would you do? I am sitting here today and feel all those moments in time where this event of fear
where present. Where my presence was needed, at least I felt it was. My responsibility as well to step up,
to voice the weaker against the weakest. Because in my eyes, those who would act up as a group, are
the weakest of all. The cowardliness that is implied within their actions. I know that they need not just
forgiveness for their actions, they also need a lot of love. Because their actions have an impact on their
soul, coming from their own emotional wounds.

If we want to change any, we need to stop this way of diversity. Duality has its own way of creating
distance between people. It may be either through the race, through gender, through age, or whatever
reason is found to make yourself feel better. This need of lashing out caused by fear, sometimes
organized to create even more fear. It is of all times, is not it? We as humanity are dividing ourselves, in
countries, in cities, in gender, in rich and poor, in health and poverty. Maybe this is the time, we all start
to connect again with each other.

Not through anger or fear, yet through love. It all starts within, each one of us has the choice of how to react
to situations. To react, we need to be aware of our own inner demons and emotional wounds. By
interacting with them, sometimes through the memories that pop up in your mind, or heart. Discovering the patterns, address them with the energy that will be healing and clearing up the inner turmoil. Through our own love and self-worth, we can make a difference in how we will act and react.

What will you choose?

In loving connection to each other, even those we may perceive as enemies, as opponents, we can
change our perspective. We can change the outcome because we all are connected through energy. All our emotions and thoughts are energy, so be careful what you want to send out. Or what you wish for. May we all make that choice to create a different surrounding for all those who have the need to lash out. May we create a safe space for each person we meet, every change is like a drop in the ocean. Unique, yet part of the whole.

So, it will be done

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Rhea Dopmeijer

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