The Left and Right Hemisphere of the brain

In every personality there is a left or right, female or male, mental or emotional. People often see themselves as a male or a female personality, because of gender for example, but this is not always true. The left and right hemisphere does not always have something to do with gender but with what is dominating in your personality or whether you are in balance with both.

Female hemisphere

The female hemisphere stands in a lot of Eastern philosophies as the moon and the force of the universe. Important aspects are feelings, nurturing, caring, compassion, love, emotional qualities, intuition, creativity, instinct and the feminine Yin.


Male hemisphere

The male hemisphere stands for the sun and the form of the universe, rationality, logic, linear thinking, understanding, mental deductive, planning, hypothesizing, masculine vibrations and the masculine Yang.


However these two things are divided in two parts, it is important to reach balance between the two. None are good or evil, they are not opposing, just two different things to observe or experience the world. There has to be a harmonious whole to keep one of the two from dominating onto the mind. In Yoga for example we observe the dance between Shiva and Shakti, the Sun and the Moon, Yang and Yin. This is an important preparation before meditation where people achieve balance.

Signs of imbalance:

  • Anxiety (Female deficiency)
  • Hyperactivity (Female deficiency)
  • Angry(Female deficiency)
  • Inability to relax (Female deficiency)
  • Overly confident(Female deficiency)
  • Overly critical and judgemental (Female deficiency)
  • Depressed (Male deficiency)
  • Overwhelmed (Male deficiency)
  • Tired (Male deficiency)
  • Confused (Male deficiency)
  • Feeling of jealousy(Male deficiency)
  • Weak or lifeless (Male deficiency)

 How to balance your left and right hemisphere?

There are many ways to balance your left and right hemisphere and it is not that difficult either. It is important to eat a lot of vegetables and fruit. You do not have to eat meat every day and if you want to snack, try to choose for a healthy snack. This also includes water instead of cola for example. Water helps the body to detox and hydrate. Meditate a few minutes before going to bed, it does not take a lot of effort and it will help you to concentrate on where it is deficient. Exercise such as Yoga or bodywork will help your body relax and speed up your metabolism and sleep better during night hours. Last but not least is an important factor that plays in our life; get your financial issues in order. Make a plan and save up the money that you can spare. Financial worries bring the most stress and need to be straightened out before you can try and relax. Even making a budget or that plan can ease your mind a little bit.

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