Physical challenges, mind over matter?

It is not the strength of the body that counts,

but the strength of the spirit

J.R.R. Tolkien

This morning I woke up from a dream about my physical body in comparison to my spirit and soul’s challenges. I grew up with the saying, a strong mind holds a strong body. This created a major struggle, which created a discord in my life. I have been dealing with a physical body that is sensitive to every type of unbalanced energy. Not just my own energy, also that of people around me. Being high sensitive and empath, this is something that has been tough at times to come to terms with. Being told and made belief as a child already, it takes a strong spirit within a strong body. Hence, my body failed me, so what did this message created in my belief system. (more…)

It took me on different journeys through out the years, learning different types of healing. With plants, homeopathy, crystals, reiki, spiritual healing, as well the teachings of all different kinds of religions, philosophies, spiritual as well, in all its forms and colors. It brought me a lot of knowledge, taught me a lot about the connection as a mental, physical, emotional being. The holistic vision, there is more to you then the sum of the whole. The way our psychology has its impact on our wellbeing, as well our upbringing. How the different cultures hold their own belief systems, which has different impact on each one of us.

Questioning every bit of information I came across, integrating every type of healing within as well. It showed me how past life lineage were expressed through my physical body in this lifetime as well. The injuries I had to face along the way, inflicted on my physical as well my emotional body, were connected with traumas that were shown me. Through dreams and meditation, various lifetimes were expressed with the trauma that came with them. They came to surface through the memory bank of my physical body into this lifetime. Whenever I was challenged in a emotional or psychological way, the key element came up through the reaction of my physical body as well.

Up to the point I have scarves by surgery that are similar with the wounds and traumas I had experienced. This also made me very aware of the connection my physical is with my etherical body as well. The information that comes to me shows also the way, how connected this is with the consciousness and awareness of it. Through time and space, the memories came flooding in and brought in the longing as well the need to be addressed. As vivid they were at times, bringing up the emotional state that was still lingering within my own being now. The threads that were connected allowed me also to walk the way of the shaman so to speak.

All of this knowledge was being accumulating within my being, with one component that brought in healing. Love was the commonality with every wound that was felt, needed to be acknowledged, allowed to be felt as well accepted on many levels and layers. Like walking the spiral, every time I bumped my toe to a stone along the path, the energy of the emotional wounds were shown. Taking me to a higher level every time I was able to heal what was presented. When I started to walk this path, the stones were bigger and made me almost trip over them. In order to understand and allowing the energy as well the situation that created the trigger so to speak.

After many years I came to the understanding, my spiritual connection with my guardians and spiritual masters were assisting me, to dive in deeper every time. Taking me higher on the spiral of consciousness. Still finding these little reminders along the way, what still needs to be healed or is lingering in the deepest layers. Learning the way of bringing in compassion and kindness, towards myself not being egoistic or self-centered. It is connected also with the way you perceive yourself, not being the victim yet the creator. Rising above the experiences that were shown me, in order to heal in a new way. As long as there are still is some kind of disbalance, I will feel and sense it in a physical way as well.

It also taught me to trust my body and to accept it as my teacher as well my closest friend. For it assisted me every time I wasn’t able to see the more subtle signs something was about to appear in my physical dimension. Through time and space, every time healing was received, it also created more space within my heart. Love came with compassion as did knowing with compassion for those who were also part of my journeys. Every time my love grew more and more, into an unconditional energy way of feeling, sensing, awareness and consciousness. So to me, this way of looking at my life with its challenges, it brought me more then I ever could have imagined.

And so it is.

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Rhea Dopmeijer

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