Attraction – when something happens between people?

When we meet people, we are attracted to them, or not. It’s not just about gender or race, age or sexual attraction. There is this like an inner compass, that shows you, who is in your comfort zone and who isn’t. It is interesting to watch for your own to whom you respond positive or negative from the first you get.

If you think it is about trust, don’t be mistaken, for it can also be for someone who isn’t all that So how can you explain then the physical or emotional Is it just your ego and character or is it way more than Does your own soul connection has any to do with it somehow as well?

What happens on a deeper level so to speak? For all we know is, that love which is neutral and unconditional doesn’t have preferences. And yet we do have preferences, and it starts already at very early ages, as 2 little toddlers meet in a pile of sand. Immediately it becomes clear whether they like each other or not, who is the boss and who is not.


You can see the attraction we also have towards the darker parts of oneself. Even when your mind says it is not safe and your heart says, don’t get involved, you will only hurt yourself in the long run. Still yet like a moth to a flame, we can be drawn to it and burn our wings at the same time.

It can be a soft feeling or a raw experience that brings people together by attraction to the opposite or to the familiarity we witness and see in the other one. This is also a duality game for us to bring about the life experiences to balance out the inner opposites.
So, this big scale of our inner centre will finally slowdown in its movement until we are coming Home into our inner Core –the Heart – where love is the guideline and compass to follow to become one with love with our self and attraction is limitless. There remain no longer attachments which were basically the triggers for interaction.

So, attraction works like a mirror, to see your self-reflection by the encounters you have in your life. The people you meet are your outer reflections to become aware and awaken to become the best you can be. It is always your choice to make either positive or negative,

Until you reach the equilibrium,
to stand on the edge of the sword
the point when all is balanced
and the attraction becomes a magnitude.
Magnetized by the core existence
of Love itself,
Vibrational Energy.

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Rhea Dopmeijer

Heartfelt Messages
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