Become aligned with Body& Mind, Heart and Soul

Become aligned with Body& Mind, Heart and Soul

For most people it is normal to take care of their body and most of the time also about their Heart or Heart affairs I might say. Not everyone feels the connections between the body, mind heart and soul and the importance of the co-operation between them. Some might have heard about the Chakra’s in relation with the body, yet for the western society this is a pretty new way to take a look at the holistic energy field we as a human being are representing. (more…)

Can I give a lecture about the way the Chakra’s work, yes I probably could. Yet the most important thing is to realize the signals we receive from our body, in any area, is also connected with our mental, emotional and etheric wellbeing. This is not about  the way you should take care of your body. This is about accepting your body as your ally, be a close friend with it for it wants to be your companion along the journey you call Life.

It is about the realization your Body is connected through its design to assist you and show you what is going on in your life. Emotions, as well the positive as negative ones, are energy and they will have their effect on your body as well your well-being. We have so many expressions in our language that shows which role certain organs fulfill in our body in connection with the emotional state we are in.

Whenever we are not in love with the outcome of experiences in our life, we have this choice to make. Which type of energy do we choose in order to maintain our balance in every aspect of our being? Do we choose the loving and caring energy, with the gentleness and kindness towards ourselves? Or do we take the fear filled road, the one who is bringing us out of balance, creating more negativity within our way we perceive ourselves.

Every bump in the road so to speak, is an opportunity to choose. As life presents itself to us, we need to realize, we are the creators as well the creation. In order to need through our experiences we learn to make the choices that will enable us to grow and expand. Whenever we ignore a signal we are presented with, even the very subtle ones, there is a reaction on every action we take.

Most likely it presents itself as a negative emotion, which will have its input on your body as well. Not to forget to mention your Heart and love flow. We tend to get stuck, causing blockages within our body, mind and heart. In the holistic vision we cannot separate them. Every stuck or blocked emotion will create a unbalance within our cells and organs. Even in the smallest atoms it will have an impact.

When we choose the way of balancing out the emotional and physical body we also need to work with our mind. There we will find all the imprints of social lessons of behavior, the emotions that brought in to our lives as well. The sabotage we can do on our self when there is lack of confidence. The thoughts about ourselves are as much part of our whole well-being as the emotions and physical reactions towards experiences on a day to day basis.

As much as we want to be happy and balanced, it is hard at times to just become still and sit for a while in order to just listen what is going on. This is why so many people are talking about meditation and mindfulness as well. In order to understand the inner connections on every level, it takes time to stop your track and become aware of what is going on internally.

So many impressions we receive every day from the moment we get out of bed till the moment we go back to bed in order to sleep. Not everyone is alike and not everyone requires the same tools in order to find balance within. Each one of us is unique and has chosen your own life experience in order to express your Heart and Soul connection through Love. We all do. We all want to heal whatever energy is stuck or blocked in order to create the flow of Energy or Life again. In order to do so, the Body, Mind, Heart and Soul have to reach an alignment where the energy can flow freely.

Through every channel, either the physical plane, or the emotional and mental channel. This is what we are facing coming into this world. To learn to see past the illusion of separation. To learn to bring back this union within our whole being. Using the best tool we possess, Love and then we will be able to bring in this powerful instrument that is able to heal even the biggest challenges expressed in the body as separation disappears.

The moment we restore the inner connections again by reviewing our mental and emotional awareness, we create a different reality for our being. This can come easy to one, it might be hard work for someone else, that differs as well depends on the challenges we chose.

Yet for each and every one of us there is this big challenge to bring home. The Love we have for ourselves is one major healer for any kind of stuck energy. In any area either physical, mental or emotional, the love for self will create the first step to bring in movement of energy.

This moving energy is also called Life or Life Force. There we will find reassuring as well the promise this change will be for your best self. We are here to serve, yes we can spend our whole live in service, yet if this is not addressed to ourselves, it will be an empty vessel. Our service needs to be for our own higher good as well through loving tender care.

This will enable us to align more and more with every aspect of our being to express our Soul. The alignment in every area eventually will lead to a higher vibrational energy expressed through Love and Compassion, Truth and Knowledge to anyone else as well.

It can take courage, may need loads of strength and sometimes it will not succeed yet every choice we make will be the teacher if we made the right choice in that experience. We create, so we decide which path to take. As long you have Love as your guideline, you will bring in healing in every way and matter. This will be the glue between all the parts and love is also the cement between the physical, mental, emotional and etheric bodies as well.

Use the tools you are given. Listen to the signals they present to you. If you feel tired, there is a reason and you need time to listen and learn what it wants to tell you. When you are feeling sad or hurt, you will find the root cause, once you sit down and start listening, Giving it the loving attention in order to bring in the healing and moving energy of Life Force. You can witness these signals in every area of your life. It is up to you how to address them. What will you choose?

The moment stuck energy is cleared, you will immediately feel the energy flowing and your heart expanding. These are the moments that are needed in order to bring in the alignment and you will be able to be the Creator of your Life with a Capital L for Love. This will bring in joy and excitement to push you forward for more release and re-balancing.

These steps will make you feel good and proud about yourself as well, filled with self-worth which is not the same as being arrogant. Knowing is something that comes through the Heart and Soul, within. Not from others or their opinions, knowing is part of the alignment between Body & Mind, Heart & Soul connection as a whole Being.

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