Summer is a state of Mind

How is it we all yearn for the Summer to arrive when we live in those areas where we experience different seasons. The way we look at this time of year is colored by the way the 4 seasons work. It also represents our holiday season in the western world. It will be experienced in a totally different way when you live in countries with a rainy season and flooding, or in desert countries, where the temperature is always high during the daytime.

In order to experience the impact, the change of the season has on your own system, you must be aware of the place you are living. After the Spring where every plant, a tree is coming back to life with flowers and leaves, we move into summertime. With the harvest time as well for the farmers of their fields of grain. Or the harvest of grapes to become wine. Summer is something we experience because of the temperature rises.

It allows us to live more outside our homes, in our gardens, at the lakes and seaside. It allows us to experience the natural way of living with nature. When we are walking through the forests and watching the hillsides with the green and yellow colors. It is creating a different state of mind. It changes the perspective the most when we are taking time to take it in. Breathe the freshness of the forests, the smell of the ocean, the wind blowing through your hair. The senses are stimulated in a profound way.


We expect different outcomes during summertime, the weather is a great part of this. With high temperature, the risks for health issues are bigger as well. If we don’t take care of our body during the times we stay outside, the impact of the Sun may create issues. So, we need to be conscious about the way we act and react to the changes of the seasons. It is not just about the physical aspect; it is also about the way we are affected on an emotional level as well.
Summertime, how many songs haven’t been written about it. The way we react to others is also designed by the way we dress. The food we eat, the way nature provides us with her abundance during this season. Music plays a part as well. How can it not? All our senses are touched during this season. The way we feel, sense, love, breathe and live is colored by the way we receive the energy of Summer.

The mind is also playing a big role in this interaction with each other. What do you associate with summer? How were your experiences during summer times, growing up as a child? What did you do during holiday times? Some people have bad experiences during summertime. Not everyone has gone on holiday for instance. Some families don’t have the money or the luxury to go away in order to have a holiday. Within their own country, or otherwise.
Growing up as a kid, the way you experienced summertime, it sets the way you perceive this season. The mind has set the way you are reacting or acting towards the holiday season, or the way nature acting out during this season with tornados, storms and heavy rainfall. Some summers were wet and cold, didn’t live up to the expectations. Disappointment when the weather wasn’t what you wanted it to be. For farmers as well, when there is a disbalance with nature, so their crops were not all it could have been.

Growing up in a country with lots of wet summer days, as well as high temperature with humidity, summers could be challenging. It depended on the way we were able to spend it, how we would perceive summer. Once you let go of expectations about how you would like the summer to be, your mind comes to rest. Acceptance comes with it, to color each day as it comes. Enjoying the company, the scenery, the temperatures, the issues. For these are being triggered as well.

Once you spend time together free from work, in your own home environment, or out some were else, through the lack of pressure, shifts happen. We all know how people go on holiday, having a heart attack the first days, or arguing all summer with their partner. The expectation of not having to work, just to relax, let it all go, isn’t always present the outcome you had made up your mind about. Letting go of all control isn’t always the best way to relax or find some freedom to be without worries.

We have this vision in our mind, how we want our free spare time during the summer days should be. Which isn’t always met through reality. Not from external factors always. Also, through our internal factors which play a major part in the way you perceive summertime. It’s a personal journey, based on many factors if summer is perceived as something magical and joyful. Our own mindset is the base for our perception as well as expectations. Summer haze may be a warm comfy blanket wrapped around your shoulders.

It can be romantic with walks on the beach or promenade, with laying in the grass on a plaid during picknick time. It can be all that you want it to be. With the right mindset, you can create a magical summer. Now there is no right, nor wrong for that matter. It is about the positive energy you can bring to the table when it concerns your vision about summer. Love and light bring in the balance between the experience and the mindset.

With that being said, I want to wish you all the best Summertime with your loved ones. Enjoy your quality time together, work through the necessary issues with love and confidence. Find comfort in the togetherness as well. Bring in the positive energy together to create a harmonious and loving time well spent. Love will create the best mindset ever to have the most wonderful summer of your life. Every time and every moment can be treasured as a gift.

And so it will be

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