The golden light within our soul

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Golden light within our soul

The Golden Light within our soul

There is this inner golden glow

That comes to surface

When the heart is filled with

The full abundance of love

Joy and harmony come together

Bringing up the compassion as well

The patience and kindness full surfacing.

The Highest vibration of Love

Is through the Golden frequency

In our Universal law of Light.

From the highest realms the

Golden light is remembering us

To our inner natural state of being.

To remember our inner gift

To be the highest embodiment

Of love and Light

This Golden glow is experienced

Through the actions and presence

Of the Masters and Angels

That have mastered the divine energy

Of unconditional Love in their highest

Vibrational frequency.

Not for all to see and witness

For it might burn the physical

As well the mental body of a human.

During the centuries we have seen

This Golden Light being embodied

And connecting with our inner Divine Spark.

During our experiences cleansing the layers

Of all the remaining lingering stuck energy

We are slowly but surely clearing

The way to shine through the high

Vibration of Divine Love, the Golden

Light of Unconditional Love.

And so it will be done.


High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©

Heartfelt Messages 30-9-2018



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High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©


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