Your Divine Guidance is a Conversation of Love

How do you get access to your Divine Guidance let alone have a conversation with it? I think a lot of people really will question the presence of Divine Guidance. How to discover this source of Inner Wisdom if you don’t even believe it exists. Let alone have a conversation with this part of non-existence in the material world. Yet if you have these talks with yourself, sometimes even out loud, you are taking part of a conversation. We all know these moments you are deliberating with yourself in order to figure out what to do. How to make a choice and want to know what’s the best way to go about it.

If you get these nudges at the most or least expected moments to tell you to do something, or just not do it, you call it intuition most of the times. Intuition is part of ourselves that we all know, in more than one way. It can be a gut feeling, or an instant aha moment as well. Once you learn to trust it and follow this it will lead you always in the right direction. The hardest part is, when you start ignoring your gut feeling and things happen not accordingly your wishes. Or when you have to make a choice and everyone around is pointing in one direction and your sense is, it wouldn’t be the right one. What to do then? Follow the majority or are you trusting your own intuition. Sometimes it feels like you are going in against the current, other times just being in the flow of the moment. (more…)

Along the way when you learn to trust these signs and signals, it will be easier to follow their directions. You come to the understanding they always work out for you in the best possible way at that moment in time. You can choose to deny the message and turn into a different direction, just to find out it doesn’t had the outcome you expected. And that’s fine. Because that’s the way you learn to trust your intuition. It always wants what’s best for you at any point in your life. Sometimes it may appear the opposite, yet following through on it, it proves itself. Your intuition as you come to trust has always your best interest in mind. It comes from a place where Love resides. Your inner well of wisdom so to speak is connecting with you in more than one way.

So, talking to and listening this inner source, it creates a conversation that consists out of Love. For Love will always be the Compass in your Life that will enable you to step out of your comfort zone. To follow your dreams and take the necessary steps. Because Love wants you to be happy, whole and abundantly filled with this sweet divine energy flow. Which is the base of your foundation to say the least. It takes courage sometimes to listen to this conversation within, as well to be able to be vulnerable and open. It enfolds in ways you sometimes can’t even imagine as long as you question it. It will be all in Divine Order, when the conversation becomes more than a nudge, or a gut feeling. It will be a conversation conducted by Love to assist you to be all you can Be.

When you come into this world to fulfill your soul’s mission you choose, your guidance will always be available to you. As a child it was easy to hear and connect with the loving energy that accompanied you. Growing up it became a lot more difficult to hear it, if it gets blocked by opinions by others, or your own sensitivity isn’t understood. The way we are able to communicate with this inner source, our divine guide, intuition as a string between love and life. It is more than just a sense, or a tool for that matter. You will learn to trust fully and completely that inner voice. Because you will know at a certain point it always has your best interest at mind. Love is a beautiful companion, that will be filling every experience you are having, in order to fulfill your soul’s mission. The minute you are allowing it to come forth, it will change your life forever. Then you know, your conversation is coming from your unconditional loving supporter and guide. With the wisdom and knowledge to know what is best and right for you.

And so it will be done.

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Rhea Dopmeijer

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