What to do with stressful situations?

We all are familiar I guess with situations in our life that are stressful. Maybe one more than the other, yet every time we are exposed to stress, it is something that puts a strain on our emotional, physical and mental state of mind. It also depends on how long a stressful situation will last how much impact it will have on our inner balance. It also depends on character how we are equipped to handle stress. Some people are having a more lay back character and are able to go through stress less sensitive as others who are more high sensitive to energy and the impact it can have on our systems, physical as well energetically.


I can only talk for my self of course. Being high sensitive by nature,  I have the ability to sense the changing energy, which is caused by stress and feel the impact it has on my body as well. When I have to deal with a lot of stress over a longer period of time, I know my muscles and nerves are being infected with a higher pressure then normal. Now we can debate about what it is to have a normal nervous system. For me it took me a while to learn and accept my body and system is wired a bit different then most people around me. This high perceptive reactions I get caused by stress and anxiety are also indicators of changes within, on every level in order to keep the necessary balance.

Through my life there have been more situations where stress caused a malfunction on my immune system, as well how my nerves react physically. For me the need to take myself out of situations, as well people and gatherings, is most of the time a necessity, more then anything else. It is not that I don’t like company, that is to say, people around me with the best of interest, and a positive nature. I find it more difficult to keep my balance around people who have a high energy field around them, busy, loud or negative. I have this as long as I can remember, yet didn’t know as a child how to handle, other then get out of a room or go outside in order to bring in ease into my physical being. When I started my teachings as a spiritual healer, I learned more about energy and how this can effect everything and anything.

I found my tools so to speak to learn how to sit by myself, in quiet time, in order to bring in more ease through breathing consciously and meditation, or musical meditations, or just music that was calming and soothing for my energy level. Over time I learned to practice more with the healing part of energy through Reiki and Kundaline Reiki. This created already a different possibility for me to bring down the inner energy levels.  Yet there are times like these we are in right now, with the constant awareness of the upcoming departure of a loved one, and these days like Christmas and New Year’s Eve are like triggers for the mourning process we already are walking as a family together. Each of us deals with it in their own way and needs to find the balance in dealing with the sorrow, as well the rawness of reality as it presents itself to us at the moment.

All we can bring in is loving understanding when the emotions are raw and exposed, taking care of one another when the anxiety levels are to high and crying is the only way to relieve some of the pressure we all feel. It’s like a pressure cooker these days, where all the senses are being filled with uncertainty, sorrow, anger, pain, as well the interactions which are coloured through these stressful moments. As much we all want to enjoy our family gathering, it is sometimes hard to shift from the reality and acceptance it will be the last one in this setting and it is obvious there are many moments this is requiring a lot from all of us. Every day is a day, we cherish and welcome each morning with gratitude, as a brand new day. Without a special marker at the label so to speak. Yet these holiday season times are coming around once a year and that makes it final. So how can we deal with the stress and anxiety in order to keep our balance throughout the end of this year?

I know there are a lot of people all around the world, where the presence of death is a constant. I feel for them because this is asking so much of our inner nature to keep some kind of balance when all there is fear around and death is constant companion. Fear for loss of the parents, or the children, family and friends. I find it hard to imagine how people keep their positive energy during hard circumstances, without a house or home, on the run, for nature by floodings or tornado’s, by war and weapons. What is it we can do to stay focused and balanced when all the events are being this challenging and demanding? We all have our inner believe systems, or religions to hold on to. This will create a difference in how to look at what is going on and how to deal with these challenges. When we talk about love, we talk about so many different ways of loving behaviour. Being the best friend or lover, parent or grandparent, teacher or student, we all need this inner spark of love within in order to survive any upheaval.

This is what is most important, in order to heal and balance, we need to love ourselves, we need to know we are worth it to be loved. Stress requires the loving care for one self as much as love for someone close by. Whatever tools you can use in order to bring in soothing and calming energy in any kind of situation, what it comes down to is, are you able to turn your attention within. Can you find this inner peaceful place within your own heart, where love is as natural as the changes of the elements, where every season has its own place. Where emotions are reflecting the different responses to any stressful situation in a loving and compassionate way. Love is and always will be the Master Key to any situation, and it all starts within ourselves. That is what will make a difference within ourselves in stressful circumstances and relationships, our loving care taking way to accept and allow every motion we are going through as long we won’t hurt ourself or any one else for that matter. Then the stressful situation will be able to handle again, and the energy of love will assist you in allowing the natural steps through life.

And so it will be done.

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