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Coffee, a source of Inspiration

When you like to drink your coffee, b

When you like to drink your coffee, being told not to use it for the upcoming 24 hours, it is a challenge for me. I really have to be aware not to follow my normal routine, on an automatic pilot. And it’s not just coffee, tea isn’t allowed either. So to pick my drinks today and tomorrow is an eyeopener as well for me. I know this, because you take something for granted until it is not available anymore. Now 24 hours isn’t such a long period of time to sustain from coffee and tea. The reason why I have to sustain is of an other matter.

What to do with stressful situations?

Can you find this inner peaceful place within your own heart, where love is as natural as the changes of the elements, where every season has its own place?

We all are familiar I guess with situations in our life that are stressful. Maybe one more than the other, yet every time we are exposed to stress, it is something that puts a strain on our emotional, physical and mental state of mind. It also depends on how long a stressful situation will last how much impact it will have on our inner balance. It also depends on character how we are equipped to handle stress.

Getting out of your comfort zones

We know the comfort zone as the zone we are in when we are at a place where we feel safe or secure

You can measure your comfort zones with certain anxiety levels. It is long not as scary as it sounds, depending where you are of course. Everything you do is part of that certain anxiety level. If you do your normal chores these actions will be part of your comfort zone so you won’t feel anxiety but let’s say you are starting a new job, at this point you are leaving your comfort zone and entering a learning zone. If you oversleep or miss the bus on your first day at that new job then you will no longer be in a learning zone but in a panic zone.