Fear keeps people in line

Fear keeps people in line, this came up this morning. We all know that fear is used as a tool, to manipulate people for the preferred outcome. To maintain power and contain a great amount of people in line. It also happens in a smaller context, when we look at the way children and women are treated at times. Through history, these are the most vulnerable groups in every society. Being treated in a way to make sure the dominance will be kept. To keep them in place, or in other words, to keep them in line. Either through racial perceptions and gender, yet mostly through manipulation of those who are the weakest link. This tells a lot about those who use fear as a tool to keep others in line. History has and still shows a lot of cases where tyranny is a common and actual experience for a lot of people around our planet.


How can we apply this to ourselves then? Who do we fear and what do we fear the most? Being treated without respect and kindness is one of the tools of using fear. As well the physical and emotional abuse through dominance. We are aware of this manipulation, yet somehow we all cave in when we are being suppressed and mistreated badly. The suppressors are masters in manipulation to steer people in the direction they want them. Obedient as well depending on many levels. All these situations create an environment where it is difficult to develop as a happy human soul. The challenges are presented through harsh and difficult experiences. Slavery has many colors and always has been used to maintain the upper hand of a few people in charge. Suppression is a form of creating fear to stand up for your rights.

How can we free ourselves from this suppression on such a big scale, a universal lesson it seems. Can we change the outcome? How powerful can we be as an individual in order to create change for so many people all over our planet? All we can do is start within ourselves to find this answer. Are you someone who is being suppressed and manipulated. Too afraid to stand up for your right as a human being? The right we all have to be able to live in peace and harmony, to get education and health care. Wellbeing as well safety to grow up and learn through respect, love, kindness and compassion. What we teach our children through our life lessons is major important for the way they will develop. There is so much to be said about this topic. There has been said so much already about this and what we need to do to stop this.

What we see at the moment is the tendency to do the same as the ones we fear. When we are less empathic and more inclined to use the same kind of force, we only add more negative energy. How can we change this in order to create a warm and loving environment together? If it all starts within as has been said many times, how aware and conscious are we about our own inner fears and agenda. Do we use manipulation ourselves in order to get what we want? Are we the ones who suppress our loved ones, our family members, our colleagues maybe even in a subtle way? Because we can use manipulation in a way so subtle, no one else would notice. This is the most dangerous way to become aware off actually. We are familiar with anger and sorrow, the way we want to be dominant because it feels good.

Truth is, dominance is created by life experiences from our early childhood already, as well our character treats. Growing up as a child, our parents are our teachers in behavior. They will show us how power and empowerment are in balance. The love they share and show together as parents is also a way to learn about power. Power as energy is neutral. We create the outcome by using it in different ways. Power used in a positive way will always empower you, to grow and expand yourself. No need to stay in line as a restriction or making sure you are obedient. Empowerment allows to color outside the lines. How else can you discover the means and tools that makes you happy with yourself as well  your relationship with others.

One person has influence in the way people act and react, so much power do we have as an individual. It works like throwing a stone in the water and watch the circles grow bigger and bigger. The ripples become waves, because we touch others. Using this energy in a loving and gentle way, towards yourself, you are able to create your inner world to be in balance as well in harmony. Because fear is not just something others inflict upon us. Fear is also something within our inner world, as well. It keeps us from growing, expanding and keeps us in line, restricted. We can accept it and stay within the restriction, or we can make a deliberate decision to tackle fear within. By searching for the root that caused so much fear. By doing so, space will be created, in order to become more than just controlled by fear. Love will create freedom to be more than the manipulated or manipulator.

Fear is the opposite of Love. Lack of Love that starts from within our own self, in our own heart. We need to explore and find ways to change the outcome. By loving and caring we not only change our experiences that colored our lives. We create new colors to fill every line. Allowing and accepting, gives us the tools to explore and expand. The less fear, the more we will trust this process of expansion and eventually we can color outside the restricting lines we have set upon ourselves as well. Consciousness is a tool of Love, becoming aware, instead of living in a treadmill you call your lifeBe bold and daring, loving and compassionateBe the one you really want to bejust because you can. Make a stand, step out of the old suppressed you. Be the creator and in charge of the way you want to be treated as well how you treat others. This will set the wheel of Love and Expansion in motion.

And so it will be done.

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