Togetherness and Harmony, our longing for years

That is setting the tone of the day if you listen carefully.

As a human being we want to be together in a harmonious way, since our birth this longing is been triggered every second and moment of existence. Our soul and heart expand every time we are in harmony with our mother, father, siblings, family and friends. Every encounter we have ignites this fire and passion within us. The purity of love is harmonizing the interactions between the souls around us. The way we feel this energy will resonate within our own inner heart. On this journey of life, setting the boundaries in order to gain the harmony from within. Because there it all starts, the longing for harmony with our innate nature again.

Every journey starts with a blueprint, chosen by our soul to bring in the harmony love creates. (more…)

The way we resonate with others, will have its effect. The longing we sense is ancient and wishes to be healed in order to be in harmony with all the parts we hold within ourselves. The knowing we all have in a subconscious way. The longing that stimulates us to build a bridge with our parents, to mirror and reflect that what is needed to receive. The way we are aware to sense the love and receiving the energy which will either heal or harm our inner self. The longing of being together with every other soul around you, because it is healing.

This need for bringing forth a new awareness and receptive sensory, will enable you to deal with the wounded parts or aspects you hold within. Because that will set the tone, these parts want to come home again, They want to be together hold in love and acceptation beyond time and space. Past, present and future, are all being defined by the way we know how to bring back in the harmony of the heart and souls innate nature. To connect with our higher self, the knowing part of yourself that needs to be integrated as well. Every wound that is felt within, needs healing and wants to be in harmony with love again.

The longing every soul has a to be in a harmonious state of mind, body, spirit and soul. The way we are learning and growing is being fueled by this longing. You may either deny or embrace this. The way we are able to choose for every way or outcome is the gift of free will. When the wounds are coming from empowerment or abuse of power, will make the outcome different. Depending on the choices you make, either bring in the harmony or exploring the way power will bring in more abuse. It depends on what makes you long for. Being in power or standing in your own power. Which will make you feel balanced and in harmony with love. The examples are numerous through the ages. Yet each of us has the possibility to choose for what makes you feel loved and enables you to be together in a harmonious way.

We all long for love and light in our day to day state of mind. This deep longing for oneness, to be fully and hole integrated with our hearts desire. Life is an energy that will either nourish the heart and soul, or it will be perceived as a long chain of negative events. The will to be fully engaged with life, through love and loving connections that will bring in more harmony. As it will be a healing process or journey when this inner journey is bringing more love and affection. The more we experience self-love and self-worth, the more we will be in harmony with not just ourselves, yet also with those around us. The recognition with the way we are related to one another, will also address the need of being together.

Love is the Master Key in every experience we are having during our lifetime on this planet of duality. In this challenge of facing the duality, the longing for harmony which springs from love will grow stronger. We long for the sense of harmonious togetherness, as within as without. So in order to gain this wonderful as well magical experience, we have to start within, with our own wounded aspects. They need to be addressed, acknowledged, allowed, to become aware and to fulfill the longtime longing of healing. Seeking it outside ourselves in our relationships with others, searching for the togetherness in a harmonious way.

Every lesson and every challenge hold the possibility to obtain this also within our own human being. Becoming aware of the way the energy seeks for harmony, we will be able to make the necessary steps. We are able to learn through our hardships, our tragedies, our traumas to bring in love and healing. The strength the human being has is unmeasurable. The interactions are not just individual, it holds the future of our race, as well all the elements of nature. No longer being divided, knowing the relation and the way energy works we are bringing in the energy of harmony through togetherness.

Every disaster brings up a response within humanity, people coming together in order to assist and help wherever they can. This quality we hold within ourselves, this beautiful way we are showing how this can come together, never stops to amaze me. We can create a shift in awareness within the blink of an eye. We respond to the needs of our friends and family, yet also to total strangers, with love, compassion and kindness. This implies as well mother nature with all her winged ones, 2 legged or 4 legged, the water animals. This comes natural to us. Maybe not to everyone in the same way, yet it is part of who we are. Being human is part of creation, part of life, as it is. Longing for harmony and togetherness, will be the fuel to ignite the spark within to be whole and harmonious again.

And so it will be

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