Improve your self-esteem

How do I feel about who I am?

Self-esteem is all about how you see yourself. Who are you and are you happy with who you are? Do you have the inner-stability to be confident? Many people who start or have a career are suffering from low self-esteem. They feel like they have to compete constantly and that there is no room for mistakes. If mistakes are made it is engraved in their minds instead of learning from it properly


The first step to build up self-esteem is to start loving and liking yourself. Not everyone finds this easy so here are 4 small exercises to start learning how to appreciate yourself.


1.Write down 3 things that you like about yourself

2.Write down mistakes or failures you have made in the past and write down at least one positive aspect of it.

3.Ask yourself why you have a low self-esteem and how it was caused.

4.Challenge negative beliefs you have about yourself and gather information to disconfirm

Of course. With a few exercises you won’t get there alone. You need to spend time to your own being daily. Just have a moment in your busy schedule to take time and appreciate who you are. But also broaden your horizon a little bit. Be conscious that everyone contributes to self-sabotage. Eating chocolate when you feel a bit off, all kinds of addiction from Tabaco to alcohol, self-medication or self-injury.

Take care of yourself, of your body and be less perfectionistic. It is not bad to say that you are alright with 2nd price or that it is alright that project was not perfect. You are learning from every experience.

Apart from taking care of yourself you should take care of your surroundings as well. Be kind to the people around you and don’t compare yourself to others. People who feel the positive vibe coming from you will most-likely have that same positive vibe themselves.

Feel better

Eventually you feel better, might take a few days, maybe a bit longer but your life will feel simpler and lighter and the self-sabotage from above will fade away and you might feel more attractive in any relationship you have. With a higher self-esteem you will have more confidence in which you can accept disagreements people have with your opinion. Also will you be able to take on new challenges, activities or courses that are completely new to you, because you will be less scared to fail or make mistakes.

These are some steps to a beginning to a better lifestyle in which you are more likely to achieve things and in which you will enjoy social interactions. But it demands that you take care of yourself.

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