The sense of being misjudged

This is some kind of core issue within humanity, which creates a sense of negative feelings in the emotional setting. Every dispute or discussion leads to this sense when parties are not coming together in a way, they can hear the message. Instead to react in a way, of being misjudged, not being heard or seen.

This is even an ongoing process within each human as long as we are still disconnected from unity.

The universal wound that is experienced trough so many layers, likely caused by traumatic events as well. It relates to the sense of self-worth and self-love or lack of it. It is triggered often through the emotional rejection that has been felt during a lifetime. When you are not being treated with the love, the compassion and kindness we all deserve, it creates this sense.


Going back through timelines, we see how humanity has been divided. How opposites are not able to have a dialogue, yet always ends up in discussion. This only empowers the sense of differences and the sense of being misjudged, micro and macro. How ingrained is this emotional trauma within each soul, through all the lifetimes this has been experienced?

We only have to take a look at the world stage, how this plays out through action taken by governments, politician, corporal businesses, task forces on the grand scale. Yet when we look closer at home, at our own relationships, even at our inner dialogue. There we find discussion, lack of self-love and worth, causing to lash out when we are not feeling understood or heard.

The way of Unity and Love is a different road to take to enable the change and shift we are about to make as a whole. May it start within each one of us. This sense of feeling misjudged turning into a healed and healthy way of looking at oneself. From the Heart of the matter, to heal and understand how this came to be expressed and felt. May it all start with every encounter daily, in our relationships with our partners, parents, children.

How can we turn around this universal lashing out in order to get what you think is your right through force? Either force verbally or physically, it is all coming from the same internal discussion. Partnering up with love, kindness and compassion will enable the dialogue. To come to understanding through inner-standing so to speak.

If we want to create a change in our world, inner as well outside, it all starts within. Trying to find the cause root of this emotional wound, will also start a different process in order to step out of the sense of being the victim. This comes with the sense of feeling misjudged, what has been done to you. Through the healing of the internal issues, we can feel we are indeed creators of our life.

Picture this, what would happen if these old issues would be healed and become transparent. How much more ease would it bring in our inner emotional and from there in co-creation with each other. Releasing old stuck energy with love and compassion towards yourself will ignite the inner spark of love again.

The moment this happens, the dialogue starts. It brings in a safe space where this can happen. Where we can listen to the message, without the need to react instantly. To enable this and facilitate this within every encounter on every level. In our personal lives as well within the outside world in our business environment.

Love will be as always, the Master key, to start healing the inner turmoil, the inner discussion. To bring in the love and compassion towards yourself again, unconditionally. To share this with your loved ones as well. So, they are feeling heard and understood, no longer misjudged. This is the core of changing our connection with the whole, we are all part of this.

So, it will be done

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Rhea Dopmeijer

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