What is it about communication?

We all have been there. The confusion that arises when decisions are being made and people forget to inform you about it. It is like a sword that cuts both ways. It can be caused because the other party has forgotten to bring you up to speed. Or the other one isn’t willing to bring you up to speed along the way of the process. Either they are processing within their minds and they don’t show you the steps that have been taken along the way, or they don’t want the interference and come up with the conclusion or decision they have made. It can cause a lot of miscommunication when this happens. We all like to be kept in the loop when it comes to sharing information when there are things that need to be done. It is something we are being taught often when we grow up in our family. Not every family is about opening up and sharing. It also depends if you are a chronic talker or more the quiet one to process your own emotions before you can share what is bothering you.


More importantly what kind of effect does it have when this happens. The way it impacts you in your inner balance. For some, it will not trigger anything, while others may find it difficult not to be involved in the process. Is it just a matter of control that creates a feeling of irritation or is it more about transparency? These are both energies that might create friction within. The importance of being part of a journey or just let it be taken care of and see what comes of it. It will depend on personal issues as well that creates this lack of information or sharing and co-work together along the way. Are you a team player or more the individual I do it my way kind of person. This will create a major difference in the way any message will be received. Actually the way a circle works with everyone equal is a vision that is as well ancient as well future ideal. We have lost the way we can communicate telepathically with each other the way the indigo people in the past could. Or the way certain tribes are able to work as a team in a circle, each member with its own qualities and gifts to share.

In a circle, we find all the elements of communication. There is respect for each other and the will to cooperate together in an equal way. If team efforts come from the vision that we all are equally important in the process to create anything, there will be more transparency. No need to hide anything, no control mind games or intrigues in order to establish power over any other member in the group. We are a long way from that as the world energy globally is showing. We all have come a long way through time and time again. In our memory membrane, these ancestors knowledge still is to be found. Yet all the insecurities, the way we feel powerless, our entrapment in the illusions are creating this fog, the power play to be on top. In control, overruling anyone else, or just someone specific you feel inferior to. Because this is the illusion we all share. The minute we feel we need to battle for attention or to feel equal when the experiences show different, communication is the first to be affected by it.

When there are no triggers to bring the balance between people in hazard, the communication flows, is easy and effortlessly. Our minds and emotions are co-working dealing with whatever comes up in our lives. As soon as an internalized idea or emotion of feeling less, this will have its impact on communication. It can become offensive or defensive, depending on the depth of the emotional injury or wound. Inner strength is something that is giving identity to the communication between partners, either personal or business-like. Yet the bonds between family are different because we grow up in a group where rules are being set by the parent(s). Sometimes when there are no parents due to circumstances and people grow up in institutes or foster homes, there is a different kind of communication and group energy. It all is having its impact on how we learn to communicate as a child and learn to listen and speak when addressed. Also, the patterns between siblings are a major clue the way communication in a group will show.

We all have seen on a personal level as well as global the effects of bad communication. How much it can hurt and become an obstacle which will create more hurdles then we would like to see. In an ideal world, we communicate with each other without being nervous or anxious about how the message will be received and the reaction accordingly will be returned. All we can do in order to create transparency is to be aware of our inner reactions to any kind of situation that is causing a negative effect. Maybe we aren’t able to change anything in the situation at the moment, yet we are always able to choose a different outcome. Maybe not in the way it is holding us down in a negative way. Or the person who is creating this trigger for us to become conscious about what lies underneath. This is what we can tackle. The root of the cause and effect it has on us in any kind of situation. This will bring in more ease in the end. By dissolving our own emotional issues we also are creating a more receptive way without the need to either lash out or hold your tongue.

Everyone wants clarity when it comes down to it. No room for confusion or misunderstandings. Yet it takes effort and works to enable every relation and conversation transparently. The best way is to start within. My own ability to be transparent in my inner conversations. Talking from the heart, no redirections when it comes to stuff I really don’t like within myself. Listening with the ears of the heart, to be able to listen to what really is bothering me. Love is as always the way to start every conversation, within ourselves as well in every other one with somebody else. So research your emotions, release what is no longer needed, react in a loving way and reassure yourself when you think you failed. As always, every step on the spiral of life is paved with steppingstones of Love, Clarity and Clear View. May this assist us in the interactions as well as inner actions to be open and honest, upfront as well compassionate. These are the ingredients that will assist in creating the healing of lack in any type of conversation.

Be aware of the way your inner communication works and where you find a lack in your own of addressing anything that comes up. Bring in the loving energy as well the understanding, that for every change clarity is needed as well awareness. Fill the gaps with loving information as well as understanding which fear is part of the lack of communication. They will show you how to heal and become transparent effortlessly again. Then a lot of old frustration and despair can be dissolved. The lack will change in abundance again, of a transparent conversation.

So it will be done.

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