Do your things with no expectation

Sometimes, if not often, it happens that when we do something for other people we don’t see any recognition, we don’t even hear a simple “thank you”, “great job”, “nice work”. I know we don’t expect anything in particular, just a small appreciation for what we have done.

And because other people don’t appreciate us, or the things we do, we feel angry, mad, sad, sometimes depressed, and we risk to feel worthless. Like we don’t have value.


But there are a few very important things you have to know, that you have to keep in your mind if you want to stop feeling worthless:

Do your things with no expectation.

Don’t expect anything from others. Nothing.
I know it’s hard, especially if you did something for someone you love and you care about, a family member, a friend… Maybe it’s even harder when you do something for your boss and you don’t see any appreciation but only critics and judgment. But trust me, don’t expect anything, not even a negative word. Just, don’t.

Do your things with the heart.

Do your things with all the love you have and put all the intentions you want, but do it for yourself.
If you do your things with the heart and for yourself, you’ll never feel underestimated, because you know how much love and effort you put in it.

Do what you feel you want to do.

If you feel you want to buy a special card or a present, or you want to send a particular message to a person, then do it. Do it because you feel you want to do it, not because you “have to”.
If somebody is expecting something from you, but you don’t feel you want to do it, then don’t do it. Don’t do something just because others are expecting you to do it. Okay, maybe when it’s work related do it anyway, I don’t want you to be fired! But remember the first two steps, expect nothing and do it with your heart and best intentions.

Before finishing this small article I wanted to give you another little suggestion, that I can maybe develop a bit more in the future.
If when people expect you to do something for them and then you don’t, they could be sad or disappointed by you, maybe even angry. But you should remember it’s their problem. You have to stay true to yourself and to yourself only. I know it can seem that you are being selfish or egoist. But actually, there’s nothing wrong with that. Putting yourself and your own love and well being first is an act of love towards yourself.

And remember my dear friend…



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