Stay true to yourself

“…You have to stay true to yourself and to yourself only. I know it can seem that you are being selfish or egoist. But actually, there’s nothing wrong with that. Putting yourself and your own love and well being first is an act of love towards yourself…”

I wanted to start this new article with some words from my previous post.

As I already told you, you should stay true to yourself, do what you feel you want to do and do it with love.

But there’s a small risk you could encounter for loving yourself. And that is, that people may think you are a “bad person” because you’re loving yourself “too much”.


But hey, here are 2 things:

1. Who are they for judging you?
They’ll have power over you only if you’ll let them have power over you. If you let other people dictate how you’re feeling, how your day is going, how’s your mood and so on, you’ll always “depend on” them, and their judgment. But you shouldn’t care about what others think about you. We are all different, we all have different opinions and ideas. We will never be liked by the entire world and we will never like everything and everybody on this planet. And that’s completely and 100% okay.

2. Love is NEVER too much, especially self-love.
Why would love be too much? Love is good, love is amazing, love is what created us and we should all respect that, by starting with self-love. Love yourself in every and every single part of you.
And accepting yourself and the way you are is the first thing you should do to start loving yourself.

About this last thing, I have a small text I want to share with you next time, so you’ll be able to better focus on it after you’ve practised a bit of self-love first.

Because if you love yourself, you are invincible.

And remember my dear friend…



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