Shine bright like a Diamond

This morning started with some significant messages from the other side of the veil. As a reminder and confirmation about the deep connection and understanding, there is through the deep love we experienced together. Sometimes it comes through with pictures and text to bring it to my attention. Other times it is a message that is presented through a dear and close friend. The connection that is bringing through the love as well the words, written in capitals to make sure it is signed by my beloved.

Through the years we have been apart on this earth plane, we have been connected still. The way our processes work on both sides of the veil is parallel. Like we still live together, yet not on the same plane field. The energy remains the same. The deep love we have experienced together is still felt and is growing and expanding accordingly. There is no distance if it comes to the way life is being dealt and the way it presents it to me, or the way it has been processed by my beloved. The thread is strong, and the love is felt deeply.


I am ever so grateful to be able to receive the little messages, as I am for the messages friends around me can present to me. Today there is no special date to come forth in a big way. Nor a special indication it was supposed to be sent to me. Other than it encourages me to go on with my life on this side of the veil. To love and live in a way that will create a loving surrounding and energy around me. It is also a little or big gift to let me know, there are no limits to our love. That the light that comes forth is strong and brilliant like a diamond.

Presence is something that needs no explanation for a lot of people. Being guided by the nudges and hints give through our intuition for example. The energy of Love between people is an ongoing flow, which doesn’t end or stops. It remains and it is always expanding and growing accordingly between lovers and loved ones. Change is a constant factor in our lives, as it is on the other side of the veil. The way we are being presented with challenges to come to a balanced emotional, physical and spiritual works on either side.

At least, I can only speak for myself and the way I perceive this. There have been many challenges along the way, before and after the departure and transition of my beloved. As there have been many messages in many forms. I always know when the process on the other side is evolving and growing, through my own physical and emotional bodies. As the healing progresses in the unseen world, for many, it is felt deeply within my own being. When there is lighter and brightness, that is marking a new step in the healing process.

When the message comes through with a bright shining light, it is a reflection between the both of us. For we are one soul in 2 bodies, each playing our part in this play, we call life. We even mentioned it on our wedding card as such. With one thing in common, our love for one another that enabled us to play out the issues that needed to be addressed. Today it came forth in bright shining light, like a diamond in the sky. As a token of love and compassion, as well a sign to trust my inner knowing.

So, what the day will bring, it is not yet foreseen. Blessed am I to be shown so much love, to feel so deeply loved. It is the way he is my rock under my feet, the wind beneath my wings, to assist me to soar high and fly with a gentle breeze. No thunder today on either side of the veil, just a deep-felt well of love, understanding and inner-standing. Every time this happens, my heart jumps for joy, gratitude and happiness.

You know that feeling when your lips automatically curl in a smile, you sigh with a sense of relief, or you know this is presented to assist and confirm. Every day will be one of the new experiences, new challenges and new choices. Together we can deal with anything that comes our way. For now, it is a reminder for me to trust what I know and feel. Through the messages send in different ways, through different people even. Always able to find his way to communicate his love with me. How blessed am I? He is like a diamond in disguise during his lifetime here on earth. Right now, he shines like a diamond in the sky.

In our connection we always enable each other to grow and expand, to be all that we can be. Each on our own way, with our own signature. Complementing each other as well. There have been many times we met and enabled each other to expand in our heart and souls’ missions. The oneness we feel in the deep-rooted connection, through the illusions of this material 3d world. We walk our journey together, in our loving soul and heart connection, to bring it home into the highest dimension of the source. To shine like a Diamond in the Sky.

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Rhea Dopmeijer

Heartfelt Messages
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