How to tackle the inner turmoil

How to tackle the inner turmoil

Sometimes my day starts with the sense of unsettlement within my body, as well the higher flux of energy that is passing through my nerve system. Because that is where I am sensing it the most when the energy around me is changing on a higher vibrational level. It sings within my nerves, as if a higher voltage is running through them. All I can do is take deep breaths in order to calm down and relax within the process. Because I already learned through experience, there is nothing wrong with my body. Not in the sense of becoming ill, coming down with a flue or something similar. Over the years my body has undergone many shifts and changes on a cellular level. Nothing traceable within my blood. Only on an energy level is it detected so far, and got confirmation about the process as well. (more…)

It does trigger sometimes my anxiety, inner resistance, that’s for sure. Because the body needs more rest, a sense of pain in my limbs, sometimes my organs are getting upset as well, mostly my stomach. Thank God for the articles I read about similar responses on a more universal global base experienced by others as well. They call it the Ascension symptoms. The way our body is resisting the need to adept and change in ways it’s not familiar with. Sometimes it feels like I am falling back into my ME period, the chronic fatigue syndrome. That’s when my inner turmoil starts. Because of the memories of being so exhausted, not able to do anything. Depending on others for the normal day to day routine. Also the deep inner process of going through so many layers to clear, heal and release. That was the deeper meaning behind the physical as well emotional experience.

It took me a lot of persistence as well to work through these layers, bringing forth so many emotions as well fear. It also reconnected me with past life times. They came up in a natural way, never needed to go through regression therapy. My dreams always told me the deeper levels and importance about the connection that was hidden within my cells. Yet, at times, when this process of adaption to the high vibrational frequency energy, it feels similar. As much as I have been working through the years, it still has this ring of fear. To fall back, to become disabled again physically. So today reading this wonderful inspiring message about the way our heart and soul are aligned.

Even though our body may not be functioning on a normal level, forgive me the term normal, as in expected health wise. It is also possible to live our lives on a grander scale. Enough role models who have showed how their soul is shining through the disabilities of the physical. Stephen Hawkins was one, Ram Dass another. So many people with challenges on the physical area, are the most inspiring ones who show us what we can achieve. It is all about perspective and perception how I can take myself out of the fear filled thoughts. Because it’s the mind usually, that brings up the train of thoughts, the what ifs, and what then.

For me it is necessary as well useful to take it one day at a time. To stay in the now moment so to speak. To be mindful and present. I have learned how to use my breathing as well to find my inner balance instead of following my thoughts into my fears or insecurity of the outcome. Using my experience with yoga, mantra work, it is assisting me to stay focused. Accepting my fear is another part of this energy work. Denying what is, will only enforce the tension as well the anxiety about what might be. Another way of settling down the emotions, for me is to walk outside, getting my bearings in nature, just grounding and sensing the energy I receive. Through the birds, their songs, the wind in my hair, the sounds of the tree leaves in the wind, all senses open to accept the energy of mother Nature.

There are many ways to tackle the inner turmoil. It is important to choose those that will assist you the most. Through learning and trying out different tools, the ones that fit the best will present themselves. It also can be a challenge, to step out of the comfort zone, just to create a new experience. Yet, without trying, you will never know. I have been learning a lot over the years about energy work and to me it has been rewarding. It assists me in my life in so many ways. I love to feel the energy running through my body, the colors I can use, the energy I can bring into the core of Mother earth as well high up into the highest dimensions of Source. The assistance I receive doing so by the elementals, the angels as well my spiritual guides and guardians.

So to put trust into the experience, it is my way of tackling my inner turmoil. The outcome of any exercise is always about trusting the process. Knowing that I am not alone, loved and taken care of in times I need it, as well in times it just is in a flow and all is well. Trusting my body as well, being my ally during all the years, creating lifetime altering experiences. I am not always at ease, yet always grateful for the possibilities it held in store for me. To learn, to grow, to enfold as well. Through all my experiences, it thought me to trust myself. To love and to hold myself, in every step of the way. So the inner turmoil is part of the whole, and a tool as well to create new pathways and healing space.

And so it will be done.

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