How can we go through life with  grace?

When we are up against unexpected situations that need to be addressed, it is always asking a lot from our flexibility how we can deal with emotions that come with it. When it is a very loving and joy filled experience it is easy, this will come natural because our innate state is one of Love and Joy, so we are more then capable of reflecting this to the outside world and encounters. Yet when a situation is straining, difficult or dangerous, how much more effort will it take to be as easy going. Because the joy filled encounters are also symbol of easy going. We would like to be like that most of the time. Yet most of us are not able to be that way, especially when it is asking more of your inner balance.

The way we experience our day to day life will show this ongoing flow through the motions, positive and negative emotions that are demanding our attention. The more we can expand our innate nature into the challenges, the more we will be able to handle the negative emotions with more ease. Yet it is a big step from ease to grace. So what is grace anyways? What is it you expect yourself to be or able to handle difficult situations? We all grow up in different surroundings, in different families and social environment with all the different roles caused by duality in our world. In order to learn how to connect with our innate nature of love and grace, joy and abundance as we are being told, it can take a lot of effort from our part to even get close to this ideal outcome.


I know by experience how it is to feel balanced and joy filled, loved and beloved, at ease with myself and grateful for my blessings. The moments I feel like this are not everlasting, they always seem to have some kind of highlight momentum. Then it will fade into a sense of contentment, or at other times the joy will last for a longer time. When I am deeply connected with myself, and others through love their is always that sense of gratefulness, being touched to my core and tears can run down my cheeks, just from pure enjoyment in the moment. And how I long for that sense of feeling when I face challenges that bring up my fears, of anger like my fire within is being triggered.

How easy is it to judge myself at times, for the expectation I put on myself is asking perfection in every situation I encounter. I know by heart I don’t have to be perfect, I know through all my lessons I encountered this is not demanded through Love, it is always caused by messages from the outside, or the drive I have to do everything for the best I can be. This is also the way I have learned how it is always bringing up the experiences in my life to help me out to rebalance again. The different layers we need to address every time, still walking my spiral upwards when I encounter another bump in the road. There are moments I can handle the situation with acceptation and allowing, other times I have difficulty with it and then the emotions erupt like the magna within a volcano. I can feel the fire energy rising up within my body and emotional state and I know this is leading to more release by acknowledging it as well allowing it to be.

My nature and innate state are not always even balanced, yet I like the way they both can communicate with one another as well learn from each other. This is my way in healing my own inner emotional wounds, by crying and releasing, by getting angry and releasing, by allowing to be in connection with my nature. Denying my emotions, even those I rather wouldn’t feel or like, is only causing more damage and never brings any good. It is an ongoing process in which I can trust on my inner connection through my loving heart, for myself, because I know I am worth it. This to me was my major acknowledgement, knowing I am worth to be loved. Easier to give than to receive it took my some challenging experiences through my lifetime to learn how valuable and necessary it is to be in connection with my innate Nature.

So for me it works through all the emotional challenges to start creating a more loving flow to embrace all that is coming my way, my own creation I call life, as well the Love I feel and able to share with others around me. Every challenge brings up it’s own lesson or experience and it’s up to me how I will encounter them. I chose Love and Compassion for myself. This way I can walk my bumpy road with more and more ease, because I come to the understanding of the inner process that is working every day in every experience is peeling of the layers that prevent me to be in a constant flow of ease and love, joy filled and blissful. When all the layers are being dissolved, and maybe not this life time achieved, there is still this drive and purpose in my life to go full throttle ahead. Gracefully walking through the earth is more then a dream, it is a magical way of walking through life and it will spread its light without any boundaries any more.

This will be my creation, to be all that I am, and as loving as I possibly can be, balanced with my Innate Nature, Heartfelt Love and Compassion, walking with Grace.
And so it will be done.

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Rhea Dopmeijer

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