How life changes after the transition of an elder

How life changes after the transition of an elder

Your presence is felt through the veil

Holding me in your warm and loving embrace.

Like the breeze you caress my cheek

To let me know you are taking care of me.

It will be difficult nevertheless (more…)

To stand beside the coffin of your dad,

Who you already have been  taken care of

To bring him home to the highest realms

Where he was welcomed and celebrated.

Where all the personal issues and emotions

Were released as well the physical body

With all its aches and pains.

The emotional and etheric body are also

Aligned with the mental and his soul essence.

There will be 2 angels to take care of us

To be with me in my hours of need.

To share their love and energy

When I need it the most during challenges

And creating my new way of living again.

I already said my goodbye in one intense

Exchange with him to acknowledge the

Love that is between us over the years.

This is the time to release any and all

Lingering emotions that are connected

Through the 45 years of togetherness

With this extended family and the karmic lessons.

I will let go and release all that no longer serves

Me nor my family members for that matter.

To honor and pay my respect for the soul

That has had such an impact on so many

The only way to go is love each and every one.

Asking the angels and spiritual guides,

As well the Masters and Guardian Angels,

I call upon Arch Angel Michael to cut any

Cords that are preventing a free loving exchange

To cut all cords with the family karmic relations,

I ask Arch Angel Raphael to bring in his team

To bring in his healing energy and love for

Each and every member past, present, future.

I ask for the Divine Mother Mary and Quan Yin,

To bring in their loving and compassionate

Energy to restore the balance within each

And every member within this family

So there will be a process of healing the

Masculine and feminine energies within

All that are ready, willing and open to receive.

May this transition be one to start a healing process

Between the members of this earth family.

May it be so.

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Rhea Dopmeijer

Heartfelt Messages
High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©

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