If the whole world is holding on to you

If the whole world is holding on to you and you are not holding on to anything, then you are free. Let everything come and hold you, but you are not holding anything. That’s how you leave the mind and enter freedom.” ~ Mooji

This quote fits my emotional and mental state today. First starting off with Matt Kahn and his lecture about the true Divinity within ourselves. Saying thank you to every encounter or upheaval I come across on a day-to-day basis. No matter what triggers it, if it is physical, emotional, or mental, just say thank you to yourself to start with. For taking care of me by giving me the signals to watch and make me aware, for growth and conscious awareness in every aspect of my life.


It touched really base on this quote for it also implied letting go of the relationship my love and I shared in this lifetime. Because if I hold on to this physical presence of his soul, I will deny the change and shifts we are both going through. For I know deep within my own heart and soul, this was yet another expression of our deep love for each other. We are one in the pieces of the puzzle every time we engage in a new journey and soul’s expression. All our encounters sprung from love and returned to love.

If the whole world is holding on to you means to hold on to the representation of our love during this lifetime. For you are my whole world, my love felt as deep as the abyss in the Ocean and as high as the rising sun on a soul’s level. My Heart always knew and knows you every encounter we had and will have. You are as close to me as my breath and deeply connected although in a different form and shape.

If I am holding on to the physical presence and the missing, the longing for what has been as a life experience, I will not be free of sorrow and pain, nor will I be able to let you grow into your next change of soul. You and I made this loop again, changing the dimensional state, so we can evolve and grow until the next soul’s expression wants to be. All for Love and Love for all, we believe that strongly even through the most difficult life challenges, that needed to be healed, cleared, and released.

As long as I hold on, I will not be free. Let everything come and hold you and I do not have to hold on to anything. That is key to our life experiences. Let energy come to you, not forcing any kind of energy to be something it is not by creating friction or resistance. Holding on to this personal image you represent during this lifetime is just a way of holding back instead of moving forward.

I know this might seem strange to a lot who are grieving a loved one gone to the other dimension. If we could see each other in a different manner energetically we could all perceive the beauty and light every soul shines and has its own unique imprint. We can see this in the eyes of the other, the minute we feel it in our heart, the love and warmth, the reconnection, the recognition of Love as being part of us.

This time it is up to me to let go of the material aspect in order to see you and know you through my heart and reading the signs you provide me with even through the veil that prevents me to see the spirit of You.

So this is one of the hardest things to do, for I am also still on my own personal journey with you by my side. To grow and evolve I must change my mindset as well. Letting go of memories of the past years by allowing the tears and sorrow to be cleansed and released is one way. It feels like the acceptance of the small me, to become the me myself and I AM growing pain.

Taking of another layer or coat so to speak, inside out. For this is all about being free of all that is holding me back to step up to the plate to create a way that holds the best and most lovable experiences. I owe it up to you, to live my life to the fullest, for that is your wish for me.

Let everything come and hold you, but you are not holding anything. That is how you leave the mind and enter freedom as Mooji said, is a theme that will hold a strong image in my heart. Thank you for all you have given me, for all you will give me. There is no need to hold on just the need to express my deepest love for you and our life together.

The mind does not have to create old memories, for I will create new ones, with you guiding and supporting me in a different way from a different place. I am never alone. All I need is the knowing and the deep Love we hold. We will walk the Walk of Hope together in union and commitment to Love. There I will find my freedom of attachments.

And so it will be done.

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