Do the Walk of Life

The Walk of Life is connected with all the different stages we come across in every lifetime in order to grow. Not to be part of a way of just moving through the days, you need to be aware and conscious about the deeper layers. Meanwhile every day is a day to embrace life to the fullest, enjoy every gift which is presenting itself and rejoice the loving companions you are surrounded by.

From birth till we are going through a transition, We take the necessary steps growing up to be the best Version we had envisioned for ourselves before we Incarnated again, or in other words follow the next Stage to bring in more harmony, balance and healing. Healing of emotional wounds that have been building up, Lifetime after lifetime to remember where we came from.


In the meanwhile, back behind the veil of ignorance or should we say lack of memory, we are lining up to live. The Walk of Life on this planet is something we as human Embodiment of our souls are giving us the chance to fulfill the promises we made to ourselves to step through the wall of Fire in order to bring in the highest version Of God’s aspect, back into our awareness. The Divine Spark within each of us is part of this journey to be remembered in order to evolve and grow into deeper and more higher perspectives as well.

That’s to say; the souls that were feeling challenged to take on this journey, this walk of life in a 3d planetary consciousness. The divine planning in order to bring in the highest Light and Love forward into the physical and material world. We are connected with our planet as much as we are with our fellow men and women alike. Truth is we are all connected on this walk of Life Because of the energetic matrix we exist by. The signature of the Creator to bring in life in every cell Of every living creature in coexistence with each other. None excluded, all included so the life on this planet could Evolve and grow in frequency and vibration, for every soul.

Sometimes the emotional status of the emotional body Prevents us to feel the most uplifting energy of Love. Yet as much as we breathe in Life we also breathe in Love. It is a natural energy flow which has been forgotten and Now to be remembered in its full extension. Each one of us are making choices along the way because Of the gift of free will and accordingly the play will develop As well enfold itself with different outcomes in order to

Bring back healing as well the knowing of who we truly are. There ain’t no mountain high enough, ain’t no river deep enough to keep me away from you, my angelic being, my angel Essence to shine through after the road has been walked along the spiraling pathways up on higher grounds. Every time we choose to bring in more love into the challenges, We are healing not just our wounds, yet also those of our Loved ones, every encounter will change for the better. The more we allow Love shine on our wounds, either Physical, mental or emotional, the etheric body will heal as well. The ties will be burned down by the fire of loving energy In order to become this standard, this pillar of Light for all.

The Walk of Life is here as a symbol for every soul that Has started its journey one way or another for the release And celebration of the highest aspect of our being,  The Love incarnation that is the Divinity within each of us. So do the walk of life, to honor and love yourself, to be  Able to respect yourself, and to reconnect with this inner Love fire, that is a reflection of your Divine Angelic Nature. Every time we connect with the joy, the happiness, the sense of belonging, the bliss of experiencing love. These are the healing energies we are using to bring in the balance again. The way we are experiencing the duality, our communities seem to be building upon.

Yet these are not the true nature of our ways to live together, neither how to walk together. Ancient societies were existing through the circle of balanced energies, not the opposites. The differences were seen as qualities, and also were been used to complement on every level. As it was in a love relationship between 2 people. The way the differences were holding the balance were coming from this place of unity and understanding. This is our natural state of living, our walk of life which is feeding on love, equality and freedom, where lies are not of use because of the heart to heart telepathy.

We are walking the spiral of our evolution almost like it is backwards, to the ways were we knew. This process of remembering who we truly are is bringing up more memories of ancient esoteric knowledge, healing as well a difference in understanding the ways our frequencies and vibrational fields we are. Our day to day walk is about the flow of energy, the cellular constructions of our human bodies are being influenced by the way our emotional, physical, mental and etheric bodies are balanced. So in order to bring forth the highest possible outcome of ourselves, we have this opportunity to choose and create an amazing wonderful connected walk of Life with all of Creation, by doing so lifting it up to higher places and ways we now dream about.

And so it will be done.

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Rhea Dopmeijer

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