How Love is a Master Healer and in reunion connects all concerned

When someone we love is getting ill with a life-threatening outcome, we all become infected so to speak. The partner and children, as well the brothers and sister, the parents are all part of this process. The outcome and healing process has been defined by the way Love is part of the equation that is for sure.

Because this is about issues that need to be addressed, it touches everyone around the one who is going through this healing period. In fact, it mirrors unfinished businesses that are still needed to be cleared to heal. Each loved one is touched deep within their core, in the fear of the illusions that death means losing. They are being touched as well by addressing their own internal wounds. For this entire process of healing and clearing, emotional wounds are not just a singular journey.


By being the example of Love in this way, we will enable them to process their own emotional turmoil and wounds to be healed. Forgiveness might be a big word, yet for the majority, this is a major issue on all sides. To be mirroring issues about trust, faith, relationship, family patterns as well. Recognizing that Love is all that is needed, to bring in comfort and soothing energy, to do the necessary healing, past, present, and future, for it is bridging it all in this way.

He or she is bringing in the process by detaching old emotional parts that got hurt and tricked in the past by delusions. Each of the ones closest to witness this process is going through it in their own way to process all that is being touched internally, that seeks forgiving energy themselves, as well as any unsolved issues with the one who is presenting the healing process. Forgiveness for steps taken in the past, which were damaging for the trust and love towards each other, and the confusion it brought into the equation.

Being scared and fearful are negative emotions, that will only drain even more for there is only room for love. This is the ultimate Master Healing, there is to come forth for all to witness in the end and how Souls agreements will ultimately prevail, for that has been done in this Healing process.

This ultimately will heal all ancient connections back to interaction and bring in Unity again. For that is what diversity is bringing forth in the earth duality at this side of the Veil. To step up to the present and reconnect with both sides. For I am waiting for you and always will grab your hand, lift you up to greater heights, to become all that has been promised to Self, from Self and was also the choice and agreement between 2 souls, to come into this life.

Time after time, you both have been interconnected. So, this will bring in the ultimate final processing of all ancient emotional wounds. For you will bring in the Ancient Esoteric Knowledge and use these Tools again in loving remembrance of the Divine Sparks you both are and be as One again.

So much love between the male and female energy lies portrait in a different human body this time. The fire will burn down any lingering boundaries and the water will wash it all down to be the clear well versus source again, as it was in the first breath of Creation by intention. The Breath of Father/Mother Divine Energy, to bring forth the outer reflections in all its diversity possible.

Free will be given to choose any experience to understand to heal and reconnect, for yourselves as well the whole Humanity, need this ancient knowledge again about Energy. The way it works through bodily experiences. You will shed clarity on this experience through the processes you both are undergoing right now.

The way Love is healing through the release of any bonds between you and your partner, in order to enhance the gift of Vision you both received to see through the illusions of the material world, enabling you to travel through time and space, clearing any boundaries that are lingering and retrieving all energy that you have been send out, in order to take it back within your Heart, so it may fill your entire being and become this beacon of Light. The merging with your High Selves in this human body and form as a Lighthouse for others to see.

This is your ultimate gift to humanity as well your Soul’s expressions that will prevail for the two of you –bringing in the essential knowledge by showing how Love is the Ultimate Healer.

And so, it will be.

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Rhea Dopmeijer

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