What is it about dignity?

The moment I decided to write about dignity, thoughts were following themselves up about the meaning it has for me. It has to do with being honorable, respect and worthiness in my opinion. It also has to do with the way we perceive each other. Behaving with dignity, sometimes is challenging when we are feeling hurt or not understood. When people are tending to disrespect you, making you feel degraded, not worthy. It also has to do with the way we perceive ourselves. Self-worth is a quality, which makes it easier to respond with more calmness and respect. When people are treating you without respect for your efforts, or the work you do, how to respond to that.

Is it possible to act with disrespecting yourself, and then when confronted with a situation, come out the other end with dignity? We sometimes can lose respect for someone we love and hold dear, caused by the way they act. When a loved one is facing addiction, for instance, acting out under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Judgment plays a big part in the way we look at ourselves as well as others. When we do something and feel ashamed about it afterward, we also face losing self-respect. Not being worthy to be loved or disrespected for the way we handle a situation like betraying a loved one. How to handle this with dignity?

Don’t we all have come across a situation we are having trouble with dealing in love and respect, even though we love the one causing this dilemma? To hold on to your self-worth, yourself love isn’t easy when you are making mistakes, which hurt not just yourself. Hurting the ones, we love, is the hardest thing to forgive, as well as forgiving yourself. Dignity is also a synonym for magnificence and grandeur, righteousness and respectability. It is a high standard to uphold when you are at your lowest, isn’t it?


During my lifetime, I have come across many situations and people who were at their lowest point in life. Acting out in ways that showed their inner turmoil, as well the shame and pain. How to deal with it in a way you can find your self-respect and self-worth again? When it is personal it requires lots of work to feel worthy of being loved and respected again. The guilt and shame are powerful enemies in the inner world of someone. When you are not used to be loved and respected growing up, it is even the hardest challenge to deal with.

How to rekindle that little flame inside the heart, when all you have encountered cruelty and bitterness? Is dignity something you can learn, or is it already part of your character and personality? It is intriguing isn’t it to find out if it is in your DNA so to speak. Some people seem to have that kind of dignity wherever they are. Who has composure about themselves, no matter what situation they encounter? Who has a way of being honorable, and therefore respected by those around them? Not in a cold manner, often coming with compassion and kindness for others. They have a presence, which is undeniable.

Also, with craftsman, we can find the way they work filled with respect for the object or tools they work with. The intensity and focus they show while producing their craftsmanship. We can see this with musicians as well, holding their composure with ease. The way people care able to be a teacher or a healer. Dignity is shown through every aspect of our lives. No matter what we do, which position we have in the material world, it is a quality that shines through no matter what.

We have seen it in some of our world leaders, as well in the poorest of mankind, wearing the mantle of dignity as a natural essence and presence. In cases like these, we tend to feel respected and loved our selves as well. Love is a powerful component, which holds dignity as one of the many qualities. So, when someone is showing this form of love, able to hold up and on to the self-worth and self-love, we all see this. It is also a mirror, or a reflection, which is possible to gain as well.

It might be perceived as a threat, or to admire someone, who is able to respond and react with dignity to unforeseen situations. We have seen them through history, the way people rise above themselves. How Love can be the key to inner courage as well to respond in a way people respect, nevertheless. Sometimes it is perceived as regal, the calmness within to react or respond to danger or attacks. How many movies are made to honor heroes through times? How much respect do we not have for those who can hold up the standard of grandeur, or magnificence?

What defines us in the way we can hold up our dignity so to speak. Is it the way we react to situations beyond our control? When we get ill, depending on others to take care of us, in all ways. Losing control is difficult for I think everyone if its about self-care and basic needs, such as safety, a roof over your head, enough food to stay alive. When you are homeless and lose your self-respect because you lost the control to take care of yourself, or your family. So many people are in that position worldwide.

When there is a loss of decorum due to illness, or the situation is degrading. We all have seen the images of those living in camps, without any sanitaria facilities. It isn’t easy to hold up your posture then, is it? We might look with disgust at those circumstances or have our prejudices and judgmental thoughts about those living in such poor circumstances caused by war. Or due to the situation in their country, where the rich are few and the hunger and poor circumstances are the norms. How can you stay present with a sense of nobility, with a way of grandeur? Is it then just for the rich, those who are born in richness and wealth?

I don’t think so. We have great role models who showed us that even the circumstances can bring forth people with grandeur. With a sense of nobility, coming forth through their presence and actions. Who we respect and honor because they stood up against suppression? Like Mandela, like Gandhi for instance. It is a quality that isn’t just for a few. Becoming aware and conscious about the way we respond is a way to learn how we are reacting with respect. Respect and worthiness are part of dignity, as is self-love. The way we can love ourselves makes it possible to feel worthy and respectful towards ourselves as well as others.

This process we are in will lead to personal growth. Which enable us to feel we are all in this together and are part of the outcome. Never underestimate the way our response will affect others. It is the way we can impress through love and kindness, through compassion and respect, we will be perceived by others. It all starts within ourselves. The way we heal and balance our inner world, the hurt, and pain, shame, and guilt. How we redefine ourselves through the healing process will affect our loved ones as well those who don’t know us. It is not just a façade; it will be a presence that shines through.

Dignity is composed of lots of aspects and will come through our actions, words, as well the way we show compassion with each other. To be honest, respectful in every way. To hold composure coming from this place of Love. To have compassion with yourself as well, learning from mistakes we make along the way. To build self-respect and self-worth again brick by brick. To forgive oneself as well others is one of the greatest gifts to give. Within all those components we can find that aspect of dignity within ourselves. Self-esteem and pride in who you are, coming forth through Love will make a difference.
And so, it will be

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