In a modern society we live in nowadays mindfulness is still not fully accepted but it might be time to actually talk about this, since practise on mindfulness has proven itself to work against several mental health problems.

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is being basically paying attention on purpose. You are observing and experiencing something that is occurring without really judging. In the beginning it might seem difficult because we judge and have an opinion all the time. But that is not what is central in mindfulness.  When you get your mind to stop and relax for a moment you are experiencing that walk home instead of thinking about work, the bad weather or what you are having for dinner tonight. You respect what you experience without judging what is good or bad and are concerned with noticing what’s going on. Training and courses on mindfulness is meditating, sitting with your back straight and breathing from deep down, paying attention to abdomen. Yet you stay non-reactiave and non-judgemental. Eventually silence will emerge in your mind and bring your head to rest. Especially after a long day of work this is advised as it’s considered to contribute your well-being and mental health.


Young minds

Let us not forget that children work less in autopilot than adults do. They enjoy then they play outside and think less about the past or the future. Sadly, this is changing over the years. Children are pulled into the daily routine of their parents and are learning how to autopilot early and lose their natural talent for mindfulness.

According to many companies concerning themselves about the mental health of children and young adults came with several figures that might be shocking. One of them is that children as young as five are being referred for treatment for mental health problems such as depression and anxiety. There has also been evidence that young people worry about body image a lot. Key influencers for this problem are the media and the fashion industry. Children get told from early on what a perfect body is.

With 72% of the general practisers stating that mindfulness will improve many of their patients who are struggling with mental health problems. Nowadays 1 of the 5 young adults struggles with mental health problems, that being 20% of our population is only 4% of the total health care budget spent on mental health.

How do I bring mindfulness to my everyday life?

There are many ways to bring mindfulness into your life. First few times might be difficult but afterwards you will experience relaxation in your mind. Just remember, that if you get distracted by other thoughts, gently pull your attention back to what you were focussing on. Here are some examples and tips to improve an mindfulness life.

1.Walking home after a day of work.

When you walk home, do not think about the work you have to continue tomorrow or things you did not finish today. Think about the moment you are in now. The pleasant breeze on your face or the sound of footsteps on the pavement.

2.Talking with a friend or family member

We are not always fully present when we are in conversation with someone, we might look like we are listening but we are only picking up small parts instead of focussing. So instead, listen, truly listen and the ones you are listening to will notice you are actively listening with nothing else occupying your mind.

3.Having dinner

Eat while being mindfulness and you will enjoy what you eat. Turn off the TV and put your phone away. Enjoy every bite and be conscious of what you eat, appreciate that what you are eating.

Mindfulness’ methods can be explained but experience is only gained when trying.

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