When you realize no action is the best reaction

The past has taught me a lot about pro activity as in learning when it’s appropriate to be. Well it is my nature to be pro-active. So in order to learn when it’s the right thing to do, I met a lot of people who are the opposite. It took me a while to discover it had also to do with feminine and masculine energy. We all have these 2 energy lines within ourselves and they present each their own unique way of relating to the outer as well the inner world. Pro-active energy actually is more the masculine energy, as is perceived by a lot of people. As to the receptiveness nature of feminine energy. So being gifted with this first initial addressing on events that are challenges to me, it is also a big lesson to learn. For me that is.


It has also to do with giving and receiving for me, because it was always easier to give, as to receive. Being open in order to receive was way more difficult for me. As was the way certain things need to play out themselves, before a next step can be taken. Therein lies my impatience, which is connected with my pro-active nature. Learning to speak and when to be silent, learning to act or react at the proper time. I believe we all can relate to this one way or the other.For some it is easy to speak up their mind, for others it is the most difficult challenge. For me it is the hardest lesson to wait till things play themselves out, for all the chess pieces would fall in place. I learned to see how synchronicity works as well, the moment I was able to let it play itself out. It also had something to do with the different roles I play in my life, from being the child, to being the parent, being the daughter, being the sister. To being the lover, the wife of my beloved.

In every phase of our lives we encounter those challenges. Which comes with experiences, that will teach us, how we can bring in balance between these 2 seemingly opposite energy lines within ourselves. We learn through the outer world about the way our energy is reacting to the challenges as well the triggers which create them. It is about balancing between the duality of these 2 ways, no action or re-action. The way we tend to react, says a lot about the way we perceive ourselves as well our role in relationships. Social as well parenting are ways to learn how to develop either one of them. Also it teaches the tendency you have to participate or withdraw from a situation that requires one or the other.

The wisdom comes with the years for me. Even though I am aware of my tendency to be pro-active in certain situations, I still am learning when to react and when no reaction is required. On the tip of my tong lies my reply and most of the times, already spoken my mind. Being direct is not always the same as being honest. Willing to learn I watched others to see how they might deal with a similar situation. My beloved taught me a lot about this and we were complementary to each other as well. When it comes to my kids, I have raised them teaching the best I could. Sometimes it was hard to not respond, yet I knew it was in their best interest not to interfere. We all need to learn our lessons in our own way and tempo as well.

Being protective to my loved ones created situations at times I stood up, being the one directing the issue at hand. Realizing I got the wind out of their sails at times. It took me many lessons, because it also back fired to me as well if it wasn’t appropriate or necessary, in order to comprehend the need to be able to receive as well as to give. Their needs to be a balance within. If there is no balance between giving and receiving, we will always come across challenges. There is also an element of control in this process. The need to influence the outcome in some way by protecting those that are weaker, not able to defend themselves. Watching our kids growing up to  become the wonderful adults they are, it also demanded my own way to act or react.

Only by determination there is this internal process of healing the issues that lie beneath the dis balance of give and receive. I don’t believe in the giving and taking expression. The way I am able to receive is as powerful as the way I am able to give. The most important thing is to learn when it is time to do either one of these two. Both can be equal and powerful, healthy and enriching to the way we go through life. The necessity of healing this distorted way at times between the two, is been showed in our day to day lives. Harmony is what we all strive for and need. Because there is the Love as the major key to be found. Loving both sides equally means the ability to know, when to act and when no reaction is the best thing to do. This will bring forth the compassion as well the kindness, when you are able to witness, without the need to participate.

Empowerment comes with the ability to know, when to trust and have faith. In the ability of each other to deal with issues at hand. How else can we grow and shine, then through our life lessons we chose. The parts that need the healing through experiences and learning. As every phase in our lives has a different input, growing up with ups and downs. To mature and internalize the energy that comes with love and wisdom. Knowing when to step back or to stand up. A fine line between those different energies, the active and the receiving. When mastered it will bring forth a union within. In our own heart, mind and body settings the changes will be noticeable. The outcome on similar situations will be different. When you know not to react, because that is the best reaction.

And so it will be done.

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