What is it about Self-Mastery

This was the question Cedar Branches asked the group to write a little comment on to place on this page
in this Mystical Masters Group. Well I wrote a lot the past couple of weeks in my favorite place on this
continent to go on holiday, the region of the Ardennen in the North-Eastern part of France, close to
Belgium and Luxemburg. A region that has been tormented by 2 big world wars and many people lost
their lives in those hills.


And yet every time we take a road trip and trust me we have had many over the past 29 years we are
visiting this region, every time we find new ones. Even if we don’t wanna follow a certain route, we will be
guided to take a wrong turn and then touch new area again and the only thing we can do is enjoy it, laugh about it and our silliness to want to have some sort of control on the road ahead.

The Ardennen is an area gifted with lots of forest, hills, lakes, and rivers, with glowing hillsides and
twists and turns that show you every time an unexpected view, a bit like life can throw curves at you,
some great, some less fun, yet always some kind of eagerness to jump into the experience to learn,
watch, observe and then go for it full-heartedly.

There are parts we have been travelling that feels the most enchanting and magical forests as we only
know by reading fairy tails and magical mystery stories. So here it goes…

Magical, they call me magical by names as in the depth of a Soul the magic is been seen and

Not cloaked any longer, no more hiding, not quite out in the open yet,
but for the wise to be found.

When do we call someone or something magical? When we refer to the fairy tales, elves, and Mer Fairies
of ancient times and tales to tell of long ago and not quite forgotten yet.

For the Myths they hold the pieces of truth although the storytelling gave it some twists and turns, the
moral of the story was kept intact for many generations to learn from.. about the good and the bad, about
wicked and lovely, so the story goes.

From duckling to swan, from mermaids to walking princess, we all have heard the fairy tales as kids
growing up. Continents may have brought different tales, yet the storyline was always the same. The
good overcame the evil, the truth always prevailed the lies and the righteous ones being suppressed turned
out to become the hero in their own story.

Talking about the man in the moon, sprinkling angel dust to protect us in our sleep as well the fairy
godmother who could pull a spell on you, blessings and gifts to share for you to use wistfully so
abundance would be yours to gain.

I have a story to tell and the pages of my book are not all blank anymore. My story is not ending so I will
continue to write my own magical and fairytale stories, if not for you and my grandchildren, it will be for
myself, to keep reminding me this is an ongoing story which will be preceded unfolding in the future not yet
revealed. Yet I know, I am magical, my name is magic for my deepest core is seeded by angel dust.

And so the story goes.

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Rhea Dopmeijer

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