Time to step out of our own inner box

We all are trapped within our illusions on a day to day perception of what would be appropriate.
Awakening and awareness are two companions in this process of clearing deep within the cells
Of our Beingness.

To become fully aware it is necessary to go inward to see, feel and touch what emotions are being stirred before you can start the process of clearing and cleansing of fear. For the opposite of fear is love.
So needless to say it is quite an undertaking we are being faced as a human being.
It all depends also on perception which starts with us first. What do we value, what qualities
do we have to recreate this balance?


Facing our anxieties and fear is one of the most challenging parts of this ongoing process.
The tendency to avoid them lies within the feelings of pain, hurt, rejection mostly by outside
Experiences in our interactions with others around us, our society with its norms and values,
our childhood upbringing and the love we received growing up to be the adults we are becoming.
Yet, our greatest opportunity to change lies within this dark part of ourselves, hidden
behind doors and surrounded by walls.

The stronger the walls, the bigger the challenges we are facing in bringing them into the open.
Shedding light in each space we reveal, bringing in love for our wounded parts,
Comforting and caressing them just as we would do with little children. Going down on your knees
to face them at eye-level.

Courage and strength are your companions to re-create yourself and to become what you
want most for yourself. To be a loving, caring, compassionate and kind Human being, able to love yourself in a tender and graceful way, where forgiveness plays a big part in this healing process.
For it is with forgiveness towards ourselves that we create the greatest freedom
within the space of our hearts.

So step by step we grow into this loving space within ourselves and by doing so, we create
a different environment as well. One was love can rule and not being fear bound by opinions
of others or bringing ourselves down. The more love we show ourselves, the more light will shine in
your dark spaces until you realize at one point, there is nothing left to be fearful of.
Love is the key for transformation, to realize that we are nor the mood swings and emotions,
to be able to connect with others without judgment since the inner space leaves no room for it
because compassion shows we are all alike. No differences, only the ones created by fear, holding
One down because of personal gain, power, and greed.

Micro and Macro levels are reflecting each other, mirroring through experiences what we have learned,
how far we have come in this journey we all are taken on this beautiful plane of experiences
and challenges. No one excluded, no one left behind. We only have to make the choice to live our lives from the
deepest core of ourselves. Love in all its beauty and radiance, shining bright its own light,
effecting all creation, to realize there is no box that keeps us inside bottled up and boundaries
are deleted and released by the powerful energy of love.

And so it will be.

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Rhea Dopmeijer

Heartfelt Messages
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