Let Your Mind Wonder

Go beyond the horizon of the unknown. Without a doubt this is a challenging experience for most of us. Not just going on a trip, explore new worlds and countries. Meeting other people and smell the differences within cultures. It is also about a mindset. Open minded is a necessity. Not a luxury. To go beyond all you are familiar with and know, is challenging. For those who call themselves world trotters, adventurers, travelers across the oceans and seas, climbing the highest mountains this will be easy. They thrive on the challenges and the experiences to achieve the goals they have set for themselves. Others are happy within the comfort of their home, their town or village and are not eager to leave their familiar surroundings. (more…)

As different we are as humans is shown in all these stories we know and learn. Testing the boundaries, always wanting to push it a bit further. Sometimes is almost effortless, other times even the smallest step is a victory and difficult. Challenged with my journey the past few weeks to cross the big pond and on a long flight, I had more difficulty to keep my mind open. The energy before leaving was much controlled by the unknowing, hence the way things would play out. So my thoughts were impacted by insecurities, like where need I be, will I be able to find the right gate. Causing me anxiety, because that is what the mind does. It creates emotions. Specially when you are not sure about the way things will enfold. Like my travelling adventure.

I knew I had my tickets ready and everything else in order. The moment I checked in and was off to look for my gate, I still was focused on where to go and where I needed to be. Not entirely unknown, yet for me it has been a long time since I went for an airplane trip. The moment I was able to read the signs, showing me the directions, guiding me along the way, I was more and more at ease. My mind was only alert on what next step were necessary to take. Coming up upon my boarding gate, I noticed the seats where I could plug in my phone adapter. Still very early morning, it enabled me to start with my normal routine. This kind of structure gives me ease of mind and peace of heart as well. Enabling me to come to ease and absorb my surroundings. Letting go of the mental, it brought me back to my more normal state of observation as well notice the people around me.

Let your mind wonder, I know this is the title of this article I was setting up. During my waiting time, not only was I able to connect with some passengers, it also allowed me to tune in as well. Sensing the energy of the people around me and picking up who connected with me as well. My time on my laptop also allowed me to step into another more comfortable world to me. Checking on my messages, I could let my mind wonder of into the world of spiritual messages, as well news feeds from so many friends all over the world. Creating my own energy flow to distract myself as well, causing the time to proceed with a different kind of mindset. When I am wondering of, my time awareness is very different. I could write an article, within my own bubble, during a 2 hour wait, just typing what came up, without knowing what might pop up. That’s how the energy works for me. The moment I start writing, I never know where it will go, or what direction it will take. My mind wonders off, almost like stepping aside.

The connections during the flight were also memorable, just through the passenger sitting beside me. We caught up in a conversation and this brought up many topics. It can broaden the mind this kind of exchange, for it brings in a new world of information as well. My mind wondered of after a while again and it brought in the unknown to explore. Haven’t been ever in this part of the world and I was wondering how many similarities I would come across on. There would be differences no doubt, yet I am always curious how many connections we have in a more universal way so to speak. So as thrilled as I was on my way towards my destiny, I most of all was letting my mind open up towards the events at hand. For those were new to me as well. Many passengers with the same destination in this early morning hour. The differences in posture, the way people interacted or not. It brings up questions sometimes, curious about their whereabouts as well destiny. Time for the holidays as well.

When you are open minded and open hearted, exchange between souls happen within a split second. I have had many along the way, all different personalities. Yet all easy going and as if we knew each other already for a long time. This kind of familiarity feels comforting during this long travel, with waiting hours to spend as well .My exchanges were also expanding my knowledge. Just because of the conversations, giving me a peek into the lives of those I met up close. This is what happens when you are setting yourself up for an open and interacting connection with those surrounding you. Those encounters with people who are already eager to connect and share time together. For me this is what colors my experiences. I love to interact and talk with others, to get to know them as well to exchange our view on life. Young people who I got to know, with a synchronicity that surprises me every time.

If you let your mind wonder and just allow to connect with anyone you come across, that feels familiar and inviting, it is a priceless meeting of souls. It allows the conversation take turns to create a safe space instantly. Even sitting on a busy airfield, with so many passengers rushing by. The buzz and energy of all those who are searching for their gate, families with little children. Elderly people and all those different nationalities as well. It’s loud, it’s noisy, yet at one point it was as quiet as if I was alone in my own living room. Just to allow what happens in the knowing it will work out all well, creates a space within me, that can let go of what if and or what. It just is, in the moment itself. It is about how to go with the flow, adjusting when needed. Yet open minded about what is to be, how it will be is an adventure where the outcome is not  foreseen. To me this is the most precious time and most valuable as well. Trust in my self and stay within my center, created by an open mindset and open heart.

And so it will be.

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