Light Body to Light Body on different planes

How to explain an experience when I cannot find the words Just the sensation and experience.

The higher our frequency reaches, the more we bring in our connection with our light body on Earth in our physical embodiment of our soul. When you are mending and healing the emotional as well physical wounds that came with this incarnation, you are on a mission. To be specific, your soul’s mission this lifetime and any other lifetimes for that matter. We come to Earth in order to create a new pathway within our Soul. Through our connection from the place our Soul resides, our Heart Center.

The more we become conscious and awaken to our infinite possibilities we have as a creator of our own reality here on Earth, we tune in with our Soul. It is not for some to obtain a certain inner connection with this divine spark we hold within our cells. We all are coming from the same source, the infinite divinity, no matter what names we give it. For Life is Light as it is the Source of all that exists. We cannot survive without light as we cannot live if we don’t fully connect with it. (more…)

Energy as a source not just on the outside, yet from within. Deeply embodied in every cell of our material body, mind, and soul. Something we all can tap into in order to create awareness and change our day to day routine.

Making deliberate choices once we learn the way light and love are as one and as much part of us as is the outward mirroring of it, our Sun as a big Energy Source. In every one of us is this spark of Light, some have it hidden beneath the clutter, others are more connected and opened to it. Through lifetime experiences coming from choices, we made along the way. Tuning in with our soul’s mission is like instantly connect with this life force. We are more able to bring in our love and passion. Following our gut feelings and trusting them to lead the way and know you are on the right track. The healing paths are challenging for sure and there are many methods, philosophies, visions to choose from.

Starting this lifetime experience we are learning to stand on our own 2 feet, balancing while finding our way. How to stand within this challenge to find this point of equilibrity, the point where all is well within. We learn through our emotional world as well mental awareness, in order to heal any painful experiences we have or had. When we start this journey and get more familiar, we learn to heal and see the root cause of it. The thread that becomes visible in all the experiences we had where we were loved and nourished, or just the opposite. The less painful reflections we have, the less fear exists and love as the light comes into our system naturally. By doing so we also raise our frequency. For joy and happiness are major factors raising your energy levels.

So imagine you can raise your frequency high enough to integrate with your Soul in the body, filling it with the Light and Love of Source. It would be like the light body our loved ones are having when they make their transition. There is this veil between the material down to Earth World with the other dimensions. The only reason this veil exists is because we most of the times are not ready yet to see beyond the veil. Yes, there are those who are able to see and talk with the deceased ones, yet not all of us is able to do so. Yet we all want to be able to talk with those that are no longer with us and are missed so badly at times. Love is energy, we know that is not ending even when we leave this plane in order to move to the next plane.

At least, I know this from this place where I can tune in, my inner knowing so to speak. Hard to explain at times to others. Not everyone shares the same view on this topic. Being in connection with my soul’s mission makes my life easier, more balanced and gives me tools. Either through writing or having fun with my grandkids, enjoying music and lyrics as messages, connecting with a magical tree. All these expressions are part of me, just as my beloved is. Although we are not existing on the same plane any longer, our connection remains. Being in his Light Body brought in awareness of the possibility to connect with each other through my expression. Bringing in Light and Love in every corner of my inner being, my soul incarnating within my physical body.

I learned through techniques and conscious awareness how to connect with my own Light Cross so to speak, my connection rising up within me, connecting me not only with the highest Source. It added strength as well teaching me to open up for the energy of angels as well. Deep into the Crystalline Grid and Crystal of Mother Earth, the energy can flow through my body. It’s Center lies in my Heart. Through my highest Love connection, I am able to open up to the Light Body of my beloved as well. The possibilities are endless, the experience over whelming creating this enormous flow of Love and Light Soul to Soul. Flooding through all the memories we hold and brighten up the possibilities to learn, share, guidance as well. All brought in through the memories within my body as well by the way it reacts as if it is being touched.

So we learn to live big, smile big, experiences shared from one dimension to the other, shifting and creating a new pathway. Bringing in the new ways of teachings as well inspiration to move forward each on different levels of being. Promises made and kept, relationship changing and deeply connecting to bring in new possibilities. Love is the fuel, creating energy to rise to the occasion. The Incarnation of the soul, into the material world through the physical body adding more awareness and consciousness. Vision is changing every step along the way, for the clarity, it brings releases old believes and mind sets as well. Light Body to Light Body on different planes.

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Rhea Dopmeijer

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